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Just the two of us.

Welcome to the first blog entry from the Dark Sapphire Chronicles.

For those that have had a look around my website, thank you! I have had a few failed attempts at getting it right but I made it there in the end!

This little lady in the photo below is the catalyst for me sitting right where I am today typing this. So I thought I would share a little more about her- and I.

Sapphire was born in the Hawkes Bay, she is my second Dobermann. She is also a titled New Zealand Champion. She will eat pretty much anything not nailed down, her worst offense was getting into a vacuum cleaner bag of well.. vacuum cleaner stuff and ending up horribly horribly unwell. That required a trip to the vet.

She is cheeky, mischievous, demanding, moody and very very protective of her human. (In fact we are a match made in heaven us two)

She has a favourite toy she takes to bed every night, and YES! she sleeps on my bed!

She has her own toy box jam packed full of toys to choose from. They are all hers , and no one can have them.

Given the chance she would spend 12 months of the year in her pajamas (Pictured above)

She has a mammary tumor, a cyst under her eye, several Lipomas , and some pretty horrible arthritis I am managing. Recently she has started favouring one front leg- so I know time is not on our side.

I wrote this excerpt below for my website, which encapsulates a mere snippet of the bond we have with out pets, they make us better peoples.

They are the reason you get out of bed in the morning. They are the first being to greet you in the morning and the last to wish you goodnight in the evening. You love the way they smell (mostly) the way their fur feels, the way they sound when happy/playing. Their smile and waggy tails make your heart burst with joy when you arrive home. You have traveled many miles and MANY MANY roads with them, you feel their warm breath on your cheek, their gentle nudge for attention. They are your therapist, your best friend and your heart and soul. They are your faithful companion.


And Me!

I have two younger sisters, both of which also have pets. I have owned and raised parrots, cats and dogs. I have owned animals most of my life, barring a period of time in Auckland. I seem to have a thing for German dogs, having also owned a German Shorthaired pointer as well.

I spent 14 years living in Auckland and could not wait to get out of there!

My day starts at 4.20am (no that's not a typo) beginning with feeding the little black and tan monster, then a trip to the gym, then back home to do some photography things, then its off to work! Then back home to work on more photography.

Everywhere I go I have a little shadow. Ive loved all my animals, but Sapphire is just a little bit more special than the rest.

I have a wish list of birds/animals I will one day photograph a mile long!

Peanut butter puts me in my happy place and I have more coffee in my veins than I do blood some days.

I do not believe in sitting back waiting for things to happen. Grab it by the horns and do it! (Typical Aries I guess)

I have a low tolerance for people being treated poorly and like Sapphire I'm quite protective of those around me.

Every day I'm working towards my goals in some small way.. and that, going full circle is the gift Sapphire has given me. The ability to capture images like the one of her above. The gift of finding something you are so passionate about you HAVE to do it.

XX Rochelle & Sapphire

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