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Sapphire's Alternative Treatment

Mah says I looked like a pin cushion...

This was taken 15th Oct- as you can see, shes still happy and loves her zoomies! The downside of the zoomies is being sore. Which is what we are trying to help negate somewhat.

For anyone interested in alternative options for treatment of their beloved pet, read on!

Most of you that know me know I would pretty well chop of my own limbs to make sure she has quality of life. It is the ONE thing as her human I am in control of. I am however also in the unfortunate position, like MANY other people who adore their pets of having a budget limit to stick within.

For those that don't know, Sapphire has Arthritis in her hips, spine and shoulders and has "Wobbles" a disease that presents similar(kinda) to Parkinson's in humans.

Her pain was not being managed as well as it could have been previously, which lead to some pretty horrid days for her- and I. I have a video of those days- I will spare you having to endure it.

Those that follow us know she has had a bad couple of weeks. Leading me to firstly , change her vet practice and then get some new fresh eyes on the situation.

Brendan, her new vet at Victory Vets has been really helpful, and was also happy to suggest alternative therapies(Even at 8am when I rang him on a Monday Morning!) They have worked with me to ensure she gets the best treatment I can afford for her.

Changing her medicine with her new vet has meant some symptoms have lessened and she is far more comfortable. But, I'm seeing some other things happening with her gait/walking. I did not want to throw more pills at it so today, Sapphire had her first Acupuncture session with Kelly at The Vet Centre Richmond

After a thorough assessment of Sapphires history(She has a novel sized file ) Kelly took some time to get Sapphire a bit more at ease(She was trying her best to hide behind me for a while) Out came a few pieces of dehydrated chicken and they were best friends after!

Sapphires back , neck and rear were the targeted areas. As Kelly moved down her spine you could see everything contracting where she was in pain. Once Kelly had an idea of what she was working with, out came the needles!.

I have been at acupuncture sessions with dogs before so knew what to expect, and Sapphire handled it like a wee champion. The one in the back of her hock was a bit ouchy but she soon settled.

For those that are on the fence and aren't sure, here are some photos of Sapphires session. There was no yipping, crying or squeeking, in fact the hardest part for Sapphire was sitting still for 20 minutes! (Or standing in her case as she doesn't like sitting much)

To be honest I wasn't to sure what effect, if any it would have but I was prepared to give it a go. And I am so glad I did let me tell you!

20 minutes were up, and out came the needles. Kelly ran her fingers down her spine again and there were no twitches, no contractions- nothing. Now, we don't know how long this will last so we have a follow up booked for a weeks time.

The moment Sapphire was back in the car she was asleep, I think she was asleep before I had even left the driveway at the Vet practice.

Several hours later she is moving much freer than she has in a while. In fact , she spent most of the night napping!. This is only the beginning of her new treatment plan, she also has a doggie Chiropractor to see and she has some exercises she needs to do at home to help alleviate that stiff little body she has been sporting lately. She is looking a little more wobbly than she was but I think that's just something that will settle over time(after all how often do you have needles in your back right??) She is also tired and I'm sure is feeling uncomfortable from where fingers were in her back.

I'm not paid to endorse either of these vet, or this treatment in particular, but if you are looking for an alternative- I highly suggest giving this a try. Kelly also does Traditional Chinese Medicine too , which I am also having done. Where the whole body is treated rather than specific illnesses/symptoms.

Now the next morning has rolled around, and she has done her exercises she looks like a much happier dog. I'm aware this is not a cure , there's no cure for old age and the issues she has, but giving her more freedom of movement with less pain for however long is still precious.


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