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Binkies All The Way

I wasn't sure where to start, so let me start by saying, this particular morning in October was a whole lot of awesomeness packed into one tiny little hour.

Introducing Twitch. Twitch has welcomed me quite exuberantly into the Rabbit way of life. He is similar to touching what I would think a fluffy white cloud would feel like and moves like a multi directional bullet train.

Twitch is an eight month old mixed breed Rabbit, and boy is he well loved. His mum had even given him a nice wee brush before I arrived!

Twitch then very abruptly gave me my first intro into what a Rabbit Binky looks like. I'm told they do this to show they are very very happy with their lot in life.

I can't show you what that looks like- he was just to fast for my human reactions! (and I thought dogs moved fast!)

With some of his favourite snacks under his belt, he then decided it was a mere hop/skip/jump over the neighbors fence to see what was happening over there. (Thanks neighbors for being so obliging!)

A few holes were dug (It would be rude not to!) Mums blueberry bush got a good chew(that tasted good!) then he plopped straight down in front of me for some head scratches.

It was at this point I said I think I want to take you home with me!. What a delightful wee creature he is!

I had been told he had been a bit naughty lately, but he was perfectly comfortable in front of the camera!There was a little foot thumping as he was retrieved from the neighbours yard (He knew he was in trouble!)

Here are a few things you may not know about Rabbits

They are extremely social animals

They are intelligent creatures and cheeky!

Their noses can twitch 20-120 times a minute (That's a whole lot of twitching!)

You can train them to use a litter box

Twitch's mum took pity on him this weekend past with the dreadful dreadful weather. When I arrived he was peeking his head out from around the couch.

A few books have been sacrificed and the odd cable has been chewed but for the most part hes pretty well behaved inside (supervised of course)

Rabbits have a lot of very specific behaviours they display so It was really neat to learn a bit more about them. He is a lovely pet and well loved family member!

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