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2016 A Year In The Rear

2016 Drawing To A Close


This year has bought some pretty mixed emotions to the table. Roller Coaster would be the best way to describe it , some amazing highs and a few lows.

Dark Sapphire Photography has steadily grown , faced challenges and rapidly morphed into something pretty exciting.

We dont just take photos of pets here! Dark Sapphire Photography also has a keen interest in the local wildlife around the Maitai area.


The Highs- The Good


So Many!

1. Images published on NZBirdsOnline

2. I became the first person in the South Island to be an accredited HeARTs Speak member(May 2016)

3. Fur and Flowers came together for an amazing shoot with the delightful Rosie at Expressions Florist

4. Completed a Pet Photography workshop with Furtography Pet Portraits- Craig has become a friend and mentor to me. Thanks Craig!

5. Volunteered photography services with the SPCA

6. Volunteered Photography services for Jump for Dogs with Second Chance Nelson/Tasman

7. Studied, learned learned and learned some more through online courses Sometimes up early hours of the morning for live streams

8. Partnered with Omega Plus for A Dogs Breakfast at River Kitchen

9. Feature photo on the front page of the Motueka Guardian

10. Met some amazing locals and their fur-children (See below for some of the animals I have met in 2016)

11.Spending time with the local wildlife

12. Joined a network of like minded individuals

13. Launched my website /Facebook page and Insta accounts

14. Completed blogging for business course

15. "Met" my Business Buddy. Thanks Kaylene!! - check her out here

16. The support of each and every one of you who has been with me right from inception. Particularly to my family- who have shown their unwavering support for me right from the get go

17. Attending Puppy Graduation classes with Victory Vets. Thanks guys! Looking forward to many more of these!!

18. Variety! Here at Dark Sapphire we aren't just about dogs!

19. Meeting other Nelson Photographers (the power of social media!)

20. Being involved in a very special shoot for a special little lady- it was a privileged to meet you and an honor to photograph you little one. (This one should also feature in the Lows- as Id love nothing more than to have our pets live as long as we do

21. Having Sapphire zoom around over Christmas! (see the lows)

22. Involved in Fashion photo shoots

23. My "Steampunk" themed shoot came to fruition

24. My home workstation set up

25. Mobile studio setup created and experimented with

26. Professional Logo designed

27. The creation of Bark Sapphire Magazine covers

28. Seeing my photographs bought to life through Fine Art Products

29. Speaking in front of a room full of people about my passion, what drives me and my business model

30. Having another 365 wonderful days with my best friend Sapphire


The Lows- The Bad and The Ugly


1. The "You're a what?" when telling people I am a Pet Photographer

2. Watching my girl Sapphire age

3. Spending from September to mid December nursing injuries to Sapphires foot

4. Forgetting to look after myself when the going got tough with Saffy

5. Work- one of the most challenging years on record for several reasons

6. Home, the short version: Rats, mice, extreme cold, chilblains, uncooperative property managers

7. Learning how to say no


In Review


Its been a crazy year full of learning, meeting exceptionally talented people. Creating new business connections and meeting some people who have come to be good friends. The list of highs clearly outweighs the lows but, I feel 2016 has been a very challenging year.Now you've made it to the end, FINALLY here is the highlight reel from my camera.


Dark Sapphire's Highlight Reel Of 2016


And just to close- I'd just like to extend a huge thank you to each and every one of you.

2017 brings some exciting new challenges and some really fabulous products and new services. Keep your eyes peeled in the new year for announcements!

Happy New Year!!!

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