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Project 52- Week 1:NEW

And so it begins


2017 sees the start of some new projects and challenges for Sapphire and I here at Dark Sapphire Photography.

Firstly I am participating in a 52 week Pet Photography blog circle which is a little bit exciting! A new theme is posted each week, and it's up to me to rise to the challenge photography wise to see what magic I can create!

After reading mine be sure to scroll right to the bottom and click on the link to the next business to see what magic they worked!


Week 1 Theme: New

I had to sit a while scratching my head whilst deciding what "New" I was going to try. To be fair the list of things new- well, it's quite large!

But, I have had one burning desire recently and it's something I REALLY want to master this year so based on that. My theme for New is Off Camera Lighting.

Sapphire, my somewhat reluctant model has had to put up with a fair bit this week. Shes had a speed lite/soft box permanently in her face while I have been experimenting in the back yard in differing lighting conditions. Whilst the back yard isn't what I'd call pretty. It's where she has spent the last four years with me. So I'm OK with it. Its her home- weeds and all.

So with this image- I REALLY wanted to see that blue sky peeking through. Out came the softbox, exposed for that sky, and voila (well- it took a little longer than that but you get the idea)

But- I wanted MORE!

Alarm set for 5am. Saffy and I were ready to set out to find a sunrise! Our first attempt was a fail. Sapphire looked like she was ready to pack her bags and move to someone elses house. It was raining , windy and just generally pretty aweful.

Attempt number two gave us some much better conditions and the model was much happier to be out posing. The sunrise was AMAZING!

So, after battery changes, plastic bags wrapped around camera and speedlite, copious amounts of treats and several early morning outings. Here, we have the final image!

I cannot wait to explore this further!

Head on over and visit Emma at EVM Photography. Based in the Yarra Valley Australia to see the next installment in the New theme.

Thanks for reading!

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