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Comet and Caitlin

You Are My Shooting Star.....


Introducing Comet

I had the pleasure of photographing comet a year ago, and now again January 2017. Now at age 5, Comet has really matured and settled into owning her role as personal trainer and mascot for Caitlin.

(Photo from first session with Comet)

Comet is lucky enough to go to work with her mum , just chilling out and hanging at the gym until mums classes are done and its time for her walkies.


After a few sniffs and walkies around our chosen destination on this day on January 17-Comet was ready to roll. Taking everything all in her stride, with a spring in her step and sparkle in her eye.

This time around Comet knew the drill ,she was cool as a cucumber on a mid winters day, even surrounded by weird technology and humans she didn't really know too well. But wait- there was some seriously good treats on hand there so it all worked in her favour.


Taking some time to smell the flowers

This little lady has the most amazing coat you will ever see, double coated and a combination of several different colours she is one pretty little husky. Those golden Amber eyes combined with the striking facial features are seriously adorable.


Comets favourite things include her human (of course) her rope toys, zooming around , meeting other dogs and people and instructing boot camp classes with her mum! Shes pretty good at showing the humans how zoomies are supposed to be done!


Comet is quite a headstrong little lady, who knows what she wants when she wants. Equally she is one of the most gentle dogs I have met. Taking a treat from your hand, if you don't hold it for her it will simply fall from her face and tumble straight to the ground.

This girl gives the BEST cuddles and I had my fair share of face licks from her as we were finishing up.

I'm looking forward to seeing her again in future. Well done Comet!

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