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Project 52 - Week 6: Love

Love is in the air.... (queue music)....

This weeks theme doesn't really require a great intro, whilst love means a lot of different things to people, I think we can all safely say , its all about those feeling things we have for another creature.

Traditionally when someone says the word love, they view it from a human perspective, one person to another. Or, for some of us such as myself, a humans love for their animal(Although I don't view Sapphire as just an animal to be honest)

But what do the animals have to say on the subject?

Meow- Luna looking pretty non fussed about it all really

I firmly believe our pets who entwine themselves into our daily lives and become so much a part of us that when they depart life is never the same, have plenty to show us on this topic. Because pets have no hidden agendas- they just are. They are unconditional, although one might show preference for a human depending on the snack that's in said humans hand.

The stars were all in alignment when this challenge was issued, as we had a very special session lined up which I had hoped would show the bond one animal has with another in its purest form. Being a Mum!

(And I say we, as my sister was my voice activated kitten wrangler for the morning, as far as jobs go I reckon that's a pretty good one!) Also doubling as packhorse number two for the ridiculous amount of gear involved in transporting a "mobile studio"

Let me just say, this was one of the most fun sessions I have had! It was also quite a privilege being able to see these tiny little beings interact with things they were seeing for the first time in their short 4 weeks of existence. We genuinely had some laugh out loud moments.

I had an arsenal of interesting things for these guys to play with. Ranging from Roses, to leaves to jingly balls of yarn, different coloured fabrics and feathers on strings. Oh- and for good measure, a spider.

Mum- recently dubbed Luna (see photo above) is a recent addition to Lee's family, and before long there were two new arrivals to boot! We were very lucky in that Luna was very relaxed with her kittens and she was more than happy to let us spend time with them. When they had all had enough playtime, they simply got up and moved under the couch where they all promptly fell asleep and we went on our merry way.

Without further ado, here is my take on Love. Or Luna's really.

These two kittens have VERY different personalities already. The little grey (Boy) is very outgoing, hes going to be a handful of mischief, trouble with a capital T! Into anything and everything. Little white (girl) is a little more reserved, she is more like her mum. A gentle personality more content to just go with the flow.

And Luna, this cat has the most magnificent eyes you have ever seen. When she looks at you it feels like she is looking right into you, tunneling right inside to see what you are really made of.

She has a haunting or old soul quality to her right down to the expression on her face. When she looks at you, its easy to get lost in that face of hers. Just a beautiful feline.

I count myself extremely fortunate to have been to see these wee creatures experience a whole raft of first experiences. How cool is that!!


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