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Project 52 - Week 8: Texture

Week eight has been another of those weeks where all the pieces fell into place and the stars aligned when it comes to the theme and my client shoots. And , its another week where Sapphire gets to have a rest from being model.

This weeks theme being texture. And I knew the moment I saw it what I was aiming for.

I feel like I start every blog with "I was super excited this week!" What can I say, I love what I do. (That's an understatement!) Anyway- with this week being no exception, I WAS super excited and I got to see/do something I have never seen/done before!

This past weekend I got to meet two of the loveliest Greyhounds, and we had a stunning location to boot!

EEE... just look at these faces! I must apologize here, this is the second time some of you will be seeing these guys in a blog. I just couldn't wait to blog about them!

When it came to the theme, I decided I wanted to try and keep it in camera. There are a LOT of different textures in this image, the different bricks, the plaster, the flowers in the garden and the trees behind. There is a lot to look at here! Not forgetting either the brindle of Jake compared to the smooth black of Zeiko.

There's two dogs in there somewhere!

I also wanted to make use of the brick and mortar from the amazing house you are seeing there.

Going back to the "I got to see and do some things I've never seen or done before.. This was my first opportunity to meet Greyhounds (I'm hoping, the first of MANY opportunities.) I also got to see for the first time the speed and grace these guys possess. Holy Snickerdoodles...let me tell you, when I went home I had a few moments where I just sat and absorbed it all. They are FAST! REALLY fast!

This theme got me thinking about what interesting things I can add into my image backgrounds, or how just a slight shuffle to the right or left can change what you see. Same place, just a little closer and to the right. Those bricks are pretty interesting viewing!

A great morning was had by all.. and everyday is a learning day.

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