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Jake And Zeiko

Greyhounds! And, two of them none the less!!

I have to be honest here and say I was pretty excited to meet these guys. Greyhounds are high on the list of dogs I would LOVE to own so it was extra special being able to talk to Kylee and Adam about their experiences with their two.

Jake and Zeiko are both GAP (Greyhounds As Pets) dogs, Jake(Brindle) being the older of the two and Zeiko being the younger. Both take their time introducing themselves to people, content to go about their own business and in their own time, they will accept you..when they are ready. They never stray far from their furparents. And boy do they LOVE cheese!!!

We see them on tv all the time, zooming along tracks, but, what that doesn't give you is an accurate perspective of their size. They are taller than you think! (Granted- At 5ft tall- everything around me is tall) You would assume their fur would be course like a Dobermanns- Nope! They have a soft, silky smooth coat, they are a delight to pat!

I was already a gonner at that point- these guys swiftly moved to the number one spot on my list... There was an adjustment period for these guys when they moved into their new home, but GAP had done a marvelous job preparing them. And to be fair- there's an adjustment period for any new addition to the family.

There's also a huge misconception that these guys require a LOT of exercise. Just looking at them you can tell they are built for power and speed but in very short bursts, think- Olympic sprinter. Yes, they do like their walkies, and they LOVE to run, 35 mph- that's 56 clicks top speed. Seriously impressive stuff. And, let me assure you it is not something you fully comprehend or appreciate until you see it. You can trust me on that. Their speed is mind boggling, after the first run, you would hear me say... err- shall we try that again! However after that run.... the spend a LOT of time chilling out.

The most interesting description I have seen about these guys on the internet is "a Greyhound is the 35 mile an hour couch potato."

The other thing about these guys is their coat is SO thin, you have to be prepared to give them additional heating- and just quietly have you SEEN the Pj's you can buy for Greyhounds??.. they are an utter delight!! They tend to lose weight very quickly in the winter months if not given adequate insulation.

I had an absolute blast meeting this family, and I hope to be seeing them again soon!

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