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Project 52 - Week 11:High Key

I have to admit this weeks theme left me scratching my head well and truly.

The definition of High-Key lighting according to Wikipedia is, a style of lighting for film, television, or photography that aims to reduce the lighting ratio present in the scene. This was originally done partly for technological reasons, since early film and television did not deal well with high contrast ratios, but now is used to suggest an upbeat mood. Say what?????

I consulted with google for a good period of time, looking at different examples of what High Key is, and what it is not. Then came up with a bit of a plan, was it a good plan? Not sure! But it was a plan none the less and we all need somewhere to start- and- at the beginning is a mighty fine place to go from.

As I have started to dabble with a bit of lighting in my photography I decided to continue that theme here. Out came the portable "studio". After what felt like an hour of moving furniture, putting stands up, gathering props, setting up lighting.. and so on and so on... we were ready!

Sapphire's eyes light up like London upon seeing her bag of special treats. You know the ones... the ones so delicious the face licking starts immediately, along with the zoomies in a tiny circle followed by foot stomping and the VERY VERY best puppy dog eyes you ever did see. But not before knocking over said lighting and causing a little mayhem... Its got to be done... I'm sure you understand.

First shot done, it wasn't bad, but it also wasn't quite what I was after. Back to the drawing board we went.

So, here is what we came up with in the end.

I had a wee bit of trouble deciding which images to use... so I used them all! Call me biased.

Once the flow of drool became unmanageable and Sapphire had reached her "I'm done here" threshold, it was time to pack it all up again. After being rewarded for a job well done the ol girl was left to have a nap. Sapphire followed along shortly after(Lol)

In all seriousness though as Sapphire's 12th birthday rapidly approaches I have to be mindful of how much she cant and cant tolerate. Sitting for any length of time is hard work for her. Its a long way up for those legs to have to lift her body once shes floor level(The downside to having legs up to your face!). A lot more planning goes into this to minimize the time she needs to be modelling. My trusty teddy bear bears the brunt of my experimentation thus allowing Saffy to zip in, run round like a crazy thing, sit for a minute or two at the very most, eat snacks then carry on her merry way.

On another note- I've also recently learned that Wix auto sharpens your images, and there's diddly squat I can do about it because you cannot turn the function off! Irritating to say the least....

Thanks for reading!

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