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Project 52 - Week 16:Fantasy

I have to admit, I was about as excited as I could possibly be when I saw this theme! I had an immediate idea of what I wanted - but that depended on one thing!.

The DREAD CAT Mercutio.......

Off I went on my merry way to see if I had a sporting chance. And on this day.. I did! With a little help from my sister and a bag of his favourite treats I got the shot I was after.

That ... however soon became the easy part.... the idea I had roaming around in my head didn't quite work how I expected and every time I looked at it the image it changed slightly. Ending up nothing how I first thought. I always new it was going to be a composite, and as a fantasy image I wanted it to look like something Mercutio would think in his little kitty cat brain. I kept looking at it wondering if it was "finished" Am I done here? I feel like It needs more? As a creative person oftentimes I will start a project, get mostly finished then hit the wall..... It can take days/weeks or months for inspiration to hit again and then I will complete it and think gee why didn't I think of that sooner!..

I had alsorts of ideas but in the end I had to go with the stock images I could get my hands on in the allocated amount of time we had to complete this theme. (Courtesy of Pixabay)

Finding said images probably took me longer than it did to composite it all together. And no, it is not meant to look "real" for those wondering.

I suspect at some point I'm going to revisit this image again- and it will change all over again. The joys of a whirring brain that never stops.

So here he is! The Crowned Kat Prince himself!

As I say....Cat Fantasy.... we all know.. Dogs truly rule ;-) P.s- This week past firmly sits for me as a bit of a dream come true. Sapphire and I were on the other side of the camera at a truly magical location, with an amazing Photographer (I'm still pinching myself!). The weather gods were looking down on us and what we experienced was breathtaking. Whilst there were no tears shed at the time we were simply all having to much fun. The next few days really hit home just how beautiful/powerful and emotional photography can be and just how important it is for me to honour Sapphires presence in my life for the entirely of my Thirties. I don't have the words to thank Craig for what he has created for us. Such a special time.

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