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Project 52 - Week 18:Framed

Framed "A structure that gives shape or support"

I have to admit, I wasn't really fizzing with excitement over this one! BUT.. something interesting happened. I arrived at my destination last weekend and stopped and had a look around and REALLY thought about what I wanted to see come out of this session. I mean REALLY thought about it. And, rather than just "winging it" or "rolling with it" I made sure I was going to get the images I had in my head.

It was then that it dawned on me..... this past 18 weeks I have learned so much from these challenges and it has helped me learn what I like and what I don't. It has also given me the confidence to ask the owners of their beloved pets "Can you just move him/her a bit to the right?". Or- if they cant move... I do!

Seems simple right???

So, here is the lovely Ty- a very photogenic Border Collie whom I met on the weekend. Ty is 11-12 and has, like a lot of older dogs a few issues with getting his limbs to co-operate on occasion. This boy did not stop smiling the entire time he was in front of the camera. He was a natural! And, hes framed PERFECTLY by the overhanging tree here.

Another super exciting thing happened this week too, I got my hands on my "Dream Lens" As you can well imagine It was BURNING a hole in me and I just had to get out and have a play with it in the very limited amount of light I have once I have finished work.

This did in fact elicit some very strange facials from Sapphire- this lens is BIG. Until recently she had never been in front of a lens like that. But like the pro she is, she took it all in her stride.

So, out to the back yard we went....Again I wanted to use the little splash of green to frame her little face and wingnuts(ears)

This face (The Doberstare) lead to the next face....

This is the I'm either about to speak (and it will be nothing complementary) Or I'm going to snap my teeth face.

The faint lines from the fence palings also really help frame this bottom image with the green either side.

And from there they just became more and more entertaining. I did have her Kong in one hand which she was quite keen to reclaim. It is also cold outside and inside the fire was going!

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