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Project 52 - Week 19:Blue

This weeks theme is a "How long is a piece of string" theme. Anything goes as long as its blue! After a discussion with a friend recently where I had said I hadn't been able to replicate an image I had created again, I decided this would be a good opportunity to try... and try... and try again.

I also had an idea I really wanted to throw into the mix, and luckily enough it was also blue!

So, three different days I experimented, two of those days were an epic failure .... The third day, I had clearly learned what not to do, and voila! We have lift off! Which is just as well for Sapphire and her peepers as I'm sure she was getting really sick of sitting in front of a flash modifier!

What's the reason I wanted to attempt something I've already done you might wonder? It's because unless you can replicate the image you want, you haven't learned it to the best of your ability.

Practice makes perfect and all that Jazz. So here is my version of Blue.

This week I also completed a Pet First Aid and CPR course. This was something I felt would be important for my business and clients and also important for my own doggie at home. (Given that Sapphire doesn't actually chew her food I've often wondered "What would I do??" ) I can highly recommend doing it.

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