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Project 52 - Week 22:Colourful

Last Saturday I packed all my gear into my car in preparation for some practice shots I had in mind. Sapphire is so conditioned now to all of this polava that her little face lights up when she sees it all. Only too happy to oblige, off she zooms into the lounge where she normally gets her so well earned treats.

On this day however- I had to try and explain to her that her excitement was misplaced as I was in fact leaving her at home! How RUDE!! Her little face dropped and ears sagged as she stood in the doorway staring at me as if to say "I cant believe you are leaving me - AND you are taking MY gear" Arriving home early morning and unpacking everything meant that it was a prime opportunity to take advantage of Saffy's willingness. After all, I had some grovelling to do.

So into the lounge we went and peace was promptly restored and all was right in the world. So as you have no doubt guessed, we are back to Sapphire as model for this weeks theme: Colourful (that was a long winded way of getting to this point wasn't it!)

Unfortunately she had also had an incident earlier that morning involving a grass seed and one eye so shes got one eye that's slightly off. It certainly did not deter from her willingness to eat snacks! Or to be completely surrounded with her most prized possessions. Her toy box full of toys. YESS! She has her own box and it is thoroughly inspected each morning upon waking to make sure everything is all in order. And, each night as she gets herself ready for bed, she revisits her box and collects a toy of her choosing to sleep with. Don't ask me how that decision is made. After 12 years I still have no idea!

A far cry from when first got my camera and she would run a country mile when she saw me coming!

Buried in a sea of toys. An explosion of colour that looks like a melted box of crayons!

You can clearly see that eye that's not quite open properly

So as you can see she takes her role very seriously. That old saying you cant teach an old dog new tricks certainly is not applicable because she has learned exactly what I'm asking of her and immediately does it. I couldn't be any more proud of her if I tried.

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