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Project 52 - Week 23:Movement

This past weekend gone I had the absolute pleasure of being invited out to the Nelson Dog Training Club for a Champ Show. As luck would have it the weather gods were kind to all of us and it was a sunny morning- albeit VERY cold!! This was the first time I had seen Agility being done and I was not disappointed, not by a long shot! There were dogs from all sizes, ages and breeds having more fun than you could poke a stick at. With a multitude of different jumps, hoops, tunnels and see saws it was a photography dream. A very challenging one to be sure! We all know dogs are fast but the speed and grace with which these dogs moved was something to behold.

So with all of that in mind, I would like to introduce you all to Hype. This is the second time I have photographed Hype, the first we were at the beach along with her sister, Riot. Totally different situation and I had no idea just how agile she really was until she was doing her run on the course. I'm so pleased I got to see Claire and Hype in action!

Weeeeeeeeeee- NAILED IT!

To be honest, every single dog there looked as if they were really enjoying themselves. It was lovely to see! (This.. I think is something I could see myself attempting in future!)

Zoom Zoom- I make this look EASY!

Hands down Slalom Poles are my FAVOURITE! Look at the joy on that dogs face! The technique these dogs use navigating these is nothing short of magnificent (Can you tell I enjoyed every second of being out there??!)

And in a flash- shes at the other end

I'm sure shes saying "And THAT's how you do it!"

Zig Zag Zig Zag and shes done- a few barks and then shes zooming off to the next obstacle. Border Collies are working dogs and they truly excelled at this event! They were ALL glorious. And lets not forget the smaller dogs, they also have something to offer, they tooo weave and jump just like the larger dogs and they too also have the same happy faces navigating obstacles with grace, flying ears and attitude! Having been in the conformation ring with Sapphire for many years, pushing her into the ring where she hated every second of it, I know my way around a ring pretty well. This in fact, is absolutely nothing like conformation showing and coming out here was a breath of fresh air! It makes me wish I had given Sapphire a chance at it. I just know she would have LOVED it. I am now tasked with touching up the images I have and getting them ready for viewing for all the amazing participants there. I take my hat of to each one of you for this is a sport that demands time, training , discipline and obedience(And for a lot of you- a LOT of travel and $$) There was not one beautiful beastie there that did not look like they wanted to be there!

Well done to you all- LOVED it!

And P.s- Thanks to Claire for letting Hype be superstar in my blog, and also, thanks again for introducing me to this sport! Head on over to Kim with BARKography based in Charlotte NC, to see the next installment in the Professional Pet Photography blog.

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