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Project 52 - Week 25:Soft

Soft is not something I normally like to associate with photography I have to admit, because I have used props such as soft toys in the past (Which would have been logical and easier for me) I decided I would take out my new lens for some practice and see if I could produce any of those soft dreamy backgrounds it is so well known for!

So, this week the feisty little scrufflemonster Taco gets a feature. And feisty he was! Making very very short work of a tennis ball he was off in search of more mischief in the form of zoomies!

We ventured down to the beach to see what was happening, Nelson is blessed to have one of THE best dog beaches EVER! Strike it when the tide is right and dogs can venture for miles! The only downside is you have to contend with a lot of dogs, all of which are having the best zoomies ever!

This didn't really phase Taco very much as he is very selective with the dogs he likes to associate with and would far rather walk next to the humans most of the time.

Taco is however a rockstar model! Hes used to being in the limelight as he is one of Nelsons most popular dogs. Taco, is the "Flower Dog" to Expressions Florist here in town. Pop into this florist at any given time and this little bearded beastie will be standing at the door wobbling his tail at you.

So, without further ado, here is a sneak peek of what we came up with on the day- and a glorious day it was, the water down there was like glass , there was not a breath of wind and for wintertime weather it was as glorious a day as one could ask for!

Just check out that little guy- perched up there overseeing everything going on in the world.

I'm busting at the seems to show you more but alas, you all have to wait until my client has seen them!

Want to book a portrait session and make the most of the wonderful Nelson scenery just like this guy?! Click here to send a message!

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