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Project 52 - Week 29:Sky

I look out my lounge window and see Jack Frost everywhere and the temperature gauge says -1 , its enough to make anyone blue. Gone are the nice dry golden well lit mornings, replaced with.. well.. mud, mud and more mud combined with frost and dead hibernating trees. Whilst we cant complain- we don't get snow here like a lot of the individuals in this blog chain do! It does hamper my efforts to get outside with my camera on the weekends (As you can bet your bottom dollar it WILL be raining on the weekend) Its not all bad though, I have had PLENTY to keep me busy, and this theme is no exception to that!

And that theme is Sky!

Again this week I have decided to get my creative on. Charlie has ever so kindly volunteered to feature in this image and I decided to follow on a little more from what came of last week.

So welcome to the fantastical world of Charlies Kingdom.

A place where humans leave at the same time of the day every day for five solid days leaving Charles to create his own fun.

With tissues flying and flinging treat balls as far as they can be flung he enthusiastically entertains himself.

Charlie- Lord of his kingdom, he who apologizes for nothing, he who has his own set of minions to feed, water and walk him on demand. He employs staff to take him on adventures where he tolerates mingling with the peasants, to arrive back home to continue plotting his take over of the rest of the world.

Charlie has a new and exciting adventure in his own personal storybook each day. From climbing the treacherously high sided couch where he balances perilously watching flying things outside and other two legged creatures going about their business to diving through small holes and appearing outside faced with a huge blue watery lake surrounded by jagged craggy rocks.

Exploding to life the moment the minions drop his treat ball at his feet and close the door! Sunlight streams straight through the big doors, bathing him in golden light, a vision to all those watching. Indeed, what a magical world that must be.

In this image, I chose to take an entirely new background, and incorporate something from my own images. (Normally I would do this the other way around- keep my own image as the base and incorporate something else into that image- so this was a new ballgame for me!) And that is a wrap for this week. Head on over to Jodie from Pawtrait Purrfection, serving Pets and People in Ipswich, Australia to see what has been happening in her neck of the woods.

Got a story of your pet you would like turned into artwork? Get in touch here to find out more about the process.

*Background and stock images all from Deviant Art and Pixabay.

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