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Project 52 - Week 31:Wood

What a theme! This one was wide open to interpretation as far as I could see. So much so, I had two versions prepared and I really wanted to share both. But in the end I decided to go with my second version. Someone I have a lot of respect for urged me to continue pushing my own boundaries earlier on in the week and it was just what I needed to hear. So I shelved the first idea- which will get used at a later date and went back to the drawing board (Does it annoy me I wasted time? Nope! Time spent learning is time never wasted in my book)

So welcome to week 31: Wood

The Lady Of The Woodlands.

Venture far enough into the forest and you may stumble across the Lady who resides here. For this lady has a nose so finely tuned to the slightest whiff of tasty morsels being carried by their host.

Biding her time and waiting in her secluded woodland pocket buried deep in the vast and never ending forest, she watches... watches and waits. The smell of food eliciting an immediate drool response.

"Come Closer..... the forest whispers to this traveler..... Closer".....

As animals scuttle past this weary traveler, edging him in the direction Lady Sapphire wants him to go in, a thick eerie fog starts to slowly spread its wispy tendrils along the forest undergrowth. Thus leaving only a narrow path visible to the naked eye. It is on this path, the traveler meets the hypnotic stare of the Lady's eyes. Shrouded in her misty fog those intense almond shape eyes lock on and give the intended "Puppy Dog Stare."

All hope is lost at that point- for there is not a soul in existence that can resist the lure of those eyes. Mesmerized and overwhelmed the traveler swiftly hands over all the Lady deems worthy of her attention.

While she has hold over her prey, the woodland creatures make their appearance. But the Lady does not share her prize so easily, so these creatures are left with what meager crumbs are left. Get too close to the Lady and her bounty and the silent barring of teeth will ensue. Once disrobed of any and all items the Lady wishes to have, the traveler is cast back into the forest on their way, unhurt and perhaps a little dazed. Shrouded again in fog to signal the way out. The Lady Of The Woodlands returns to her slumber, laying in wait for her next unsuspecting victim of the dread "Puppy Dog Eyes."

The start of the week got off to a rocky start for us with an unexpected trip to her vet regarding her tumor(which turned out to be not as bad as I thought it might be) and, I'm also now studying! So.... we have made it to Friday relatively unscathed, thankfully. (Just a few extra grey hairs to show for it and some bags under the eyes.) I can easily get lost for hours creating these images and hunting for the "ingredients" I'm looking for, which in it's self is quite a task! As I am piecing these together at the same time the story starts to take form and a week later.. here it is! Do you have an idea you would like to bring to fruition of your furchild? Get in touch here.

*And this year I am an entrant on the David Awards (Small Business Awards.) If you would like to vote for me and read all about it, check it out here on this button. (The vote button is in the top right of the page.)

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