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Project 52 - Week 32:Happy

Because I'm Happpeeeeeee. (Anyone else hear that song by Pharrell playing right now??)

It took me 48hrs or so to find inspiration for this theme. After a lot of reading of fairy tales and children's story books (which is often where I find myself heading for ideas) a vague idea started to form... from there the search for my base image started. I already had an image of Sapphire in mind so I had to try and find something that had a similar perspective and rolled with the idea I had. And thankfully I found just that!

This week, the theme is based on what I think makes Sapphire happy. Actually- I KNOW these things make her happy.

Super Sapphire's Hollow.

Tucked away between overhanging trees -there is a place, a place overlooked by passers by due to the hard and often misunderstood exterior.

This is a place where ever prescient eyes watch you. Those venturing past will feel the penetrating stare, a feeling of being watched. Stop and stare at your own peril. For all who venture past are subject to the scrutiny of two dark almond shaped eyes. But, looks can be deceiving, behind the hard exterior lays a well hidden secret, for once you have membership to this exclusive hideaway you are welcomed warmly in the form of a wiggly bum and happy face stuffed full with her "toy of the moment".

Don't expect to much attention though. A quick sniff, a circle around you and a lickty split pat, and shes off with her treasure again.

Much like a dragons lair, at every turn is a well positioned possession, move it, touch it or think about touching it and Super Sapphire swoops in. For in this place, possession is 10/10th's of the law. It is Sapphire's Law that reigns here, and it must be obeyed. Everything her eyes brush over belongs to her. There is no chewing .... no defluffing and no destruction of such wondrous prizes. It is in fact a full time job for Super Sapphire. Lion tamer, teddy bear carer and caterpillar wrangler. There is a place for everything, and everything has its place. Any wayward toy gets a swift and rapid shake and falls back into line or faces being put out in the cold for 8hrs. Visiting Doberkids know the rules- step a whisker out of line, so much as look sideways at Super Sapphire's toys and the response will be swift and unmistakable. MINE! That bed is mine... nope- that's mine too, and that chair- DEFINITELY MINE! The rules is the rules in Sapphire's lair.

The tendrils of time have slowly gifted Sapphire a bounty of the likes most have never seen. Bursting full of vibrant colours of all shapes and sizes, this truly IS her happy place.

Sapphire's Lair harbors a secret weapon, upset this wiggly waggly tailed little creature and you will wake the sleeping dragon nestled quietly in the background. Retribution from this volatile two legged beast will be unforgiving and swift, for no one enters Super Sapphire's domain and ignores her rules or causes her grief.

So, welcome all to Sapphire's Lair- strictly by invitation only. A world of snacks, teddy bears, the odd scritch and a faithful human minion wound securely around her paw. Tread carefully, dispense pats and you will earn yourself a friend for life. (The odd snack or two wouldn't go astray either!)

A HUGE thank you goes out to Craig from Furtography for allowing me to use his image of myself in my creation. It was the missing piece I was looking for!

For those interested, here are the two images I began with:

All stock images have been sourced off DeviantArt (Including the background) The teddy bears, caterpillar and Kong are my own images I have taken. (Obviously the one of Sapphire is as well as you can no doubt tell from the awful background). BUT- THIS! this is why I do not delete images of her, even the less than pleasing ones (Unless they are truly unrecoverable- IE out of focus).

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