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Project 52 - Week 34:Reflection

What I love about these themes is that we all read the same word and can interpret it totally differently.

Rather than thinking of an image with a reflection off a surface such as water.. I wanted to take a less conventional approach (does that surprise anyone???)

I have had the most wonderful 12 years with my faithful girl Sapphire by my side. Yes, there have been some pretty down downs and some great ups.... but one thing has always been constant... and that's the little black and tan being in the Dobermann suit.

And that brings me to my interpretation on reflection. I have looked back through images I have taken, some with a point and shoot. These images are between 8-11 years old. From those I have reflected on a few things that have happened in her life. This one image contains snippets from the last 12 years of our time. (It is also proof that all those images you take WILL one day become very important to you)

I'm not going to lie- I have loved all the other images I have created, but this one, this one has had quite an effect on me.

Reflection: "The Book Of Sapphire."

You may look at this and wonder what on earth some of this stuff means.....

Sapphire has had two very distinct periods in her life, her time living in the country on the outskirts of Auckland and in a rural town inside Auckland. And then her time living in the city here where we reside now. Hence the two differing sides of the book.

As per usual, her teddy bear, Kong and caterpillar feature here. She has lived with several other dogs, here you will find Jazz and Brophy (German Short-haired Pointer and Dobermann) who were her pack-mates for the first three years of her life. Sapphire is also a titled NZ Champion, retiring from the conformation ring as soon as she was titled (She would rather be at home warming the couch) The image there, was the last image taken of us as she gained her titled that day. She has two other Dober friends in the form of Olive and Rufus who she occasionally spends time with.

Her chariot! boy she just love love LOVES going for zoomies in her car! No matter where we go- her teddy bear follows.

We have crossed many many bridges together, walked a lot and played out in the country. Never far from each other.

There are young trees, mid sized trees and older trees to depict age and the effects of time.

She has had a trip on a big metal bird when I moved from the big city back to a smaller town five years ago. And there she is at the end of the road- always waiting ever so patiently for me to arrive home and weave another tale of her antics.

There is so much more I could try and squish in, perhaps I will leave that for volume two of her book.

On a totally unrelated note, my first assignment was graded this week (Canine Senses) and I'm pleased to say it passed with flying colours! One down, nine to go!!!

*Thanks again to Craig from Furtography for the use of the image of me. *Images other than my own are all sourced off DeviantArt.

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