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Project 52 - Week 43:Unusual

If you type unusual into google, this is what google throws back out at you.

"adjective- not habitually or commonly occurring or done"

"remarkable or interesting because different from or better than others."

By now you will all be familiar with most of the items in this image below, as I do like to re use the images I have to create something new. Even with the same stock images- the options are endless! You will all also be aware that I like "different" So unusual for me was FUN!

I thought long and hard about this theme, I had no shortage of ideas but in the end I kept coming back to this so I took that as a sign!

In all honestly- I cant tell you too much about how I arrive at the end of these images. To plant the seed I spend a bit of time surfing the internet looking at different background or base image ideas and from there the idea grows. This one, I had found a YouTube tutorial and went from there , putting my own little spin on it. I started this on Monday evening, and finished it late Thursday night.

I have no intention of making images like this look"real" its Fantasy! It is designed from start to finish to be completely unbelievable, whimsical and out of the square. And I am SUPER pleased that I have been able to get back into this since moving!

And yes, it is a very very rough take of Sapphire and I, moving into new territory (hopefully my hair isn't quite that white in reality lol) I sure know that that IS the look that Sapphire is wearing on her face now though! Much to my dismay- I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting any resident dragons (jokes)

To give you an idea of what I started with- here are the two base images.

And 37 layers, 4 groups consisting of 10 overlay layers in each. Plus 30 odd adjustment layers(these adjust things like hue, saturation, blacks, whites and so on and so forth) Yes, you read that right over 100 layers!

As per usual I add a little bit of my own fantasy world- which invariably involves some sort of dragon (what can I say- I am a fan!)

And it wouldn't be one of my images without some Super Sapphire thrown in there.

** As per usual- all of the images used to create this image are sourced off DeviantArt, Pixabay and a mixture of my own images.

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