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Project 52 - Week 44:Bold Colours

Look at that, another week closer to the end of the year. November?? When did that happen?!

For this theme I decided I would again try another composite, BUT, for this composite I wanted to try something other than fantasy images.

The opportunity presented itself when this grand lady here who goes by the name of Jive celebrated her 14th birthday a weekend or two ago.

Jive belongs to a workmate of mine, she is part of a pack of three gundogs and one human. Jive, being the oldest pooch is the matriarch of the family. Then comes Fern the younger GSP and then Sand the Hungarian Vizsla.

I did not know Jive as a youngster but her human mum describes her as a complete tearaway! Jive in her younger years was quite the handful I am told.

These days Jive is happy to just potter around and her own pace, doing exactly what she wants when she wants. Regardless of her humans opinion (Lol- not much has changed from her youth then?)

Got to love these older dogs, they may be a bit slower than they were in their youth but boy they know how to enjoy themselves.. and get themselves into trouble all at once.

As the theme called for bold colours, I wasn't to sure what I was going to end up with. But as the days went buy and I added more and more to it, it all started to take shape. The pinks and reds certainly add that bold factor I was looking for.

Below is the original image I started with, from there I used my own stock images from my garden at the new house and this is where it all started to take shape.

And the background was started using these images below from my gardens. They aren't fancy, but they do exactly what I need them to do. I have a folder FULL of images just like these ones, flowers, brick walls, footpaths, bark on trees- you name it. If it has an interesting texture or colour I will find a use for it.... some day.

And that's all from me this week!

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