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Project 52 - Week 45:Sun Flare

This past weekend we (my sister and I) met the most magnificent creature in the form of an Arab or Arabian Horse.

Bran has hit the grand old age of 27! These days he enjoys his retirement on a lovely little piece of land surrounded by hills and lush grass. His riding days are over but he is up for a run whenever he feels so inclined. And it just so happens, on this day he WAS inclined.

There is something to be said for experiencing a horse in motion(And no I am not referring to commercial horse racing here), they are magnificent creatures. You can feel the vibrations of said movement shoot straight up through your feet, hear the thundering of their hooves and watch that flowing mane and tail meet the wind.

I understand the appeal - I really do.

Bran was a perfect gentleman. His demeanor is inquisitive and very very calm. He was quite interested in knowing what my camera was and did not hesitate to investigate. From a distance Bran looks pure white, it is not until you get close to him that you see the true beauty of his coat. I believe this coat colour is called "Fleabitten Gray" Through his white coat he has this wonderful "ticking" Its really rather impressive!

Bran also has a bestie, in the form of a little white mixed breed dog called Sugar. Sugar seems totally oblivious to the sheer size difference between the two. Its really quite special.

And, here we are, at the actual theme of this blog- Sun Flare. I must admit I do like a good sun flare image. And once I saw this image I had a multitude of ideas. I REALLY wanted to give Bran a magical look- I think I achieved that, I'm pretty sure if I put a Unicorn horn on this boy it would not look at all out of place. (I might just do that yet too!)

Magic- I wanted something magic for Justine, his owner. Justine says she doesn't have a lot of images of Bran, I wanted to give her something that dreams are made of. White horses in mythology are creatures of divinity and have prophetic abilities. Transcending the normal world. Carrying the saviors of worlds and warning of danger. When I think of a white horse I think of Pegasus and Unicorns.... don't you?

Named: Immortal Steed of the Gods

We had such a great time with this family, it was such a great morning and meeting Bran was something pretty special (Arabian Horses are my FAVOURITE breed of horse!

I cant wait to work through the rest of the images from this day!

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