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Are you AWAKE?

This week is a bit of a departure from the normal blog. Over time this will perhaps be something that will become more commonplace. Change is a good thing right?

Late December I enrolled in an Artistry Course to see where it would take me. This also gave me the opportunity to further enroll in another another course called AWAKE 2018.

And immediately- EVERYTHING changed. I have days where I sit and pinch myself after looking at something I have created and I'm only 2 weeks into it!

In the past I have definitely favoured animals over people, however being surrounded by such amazing artists in the group has helped me branch out a little and I have to say I have rather enjoyed it!

Unfortunately I find myself limited now by the technology side of things, so, this weekend the hunt begins for componentry to build myself a new editing machine. A few of my blogs last year had accompanying stories, all about Sapphire and all based loosely on who she is and her character. This is something I have wanted to explore far more! This course has given me membership to something called Quill and Camera and let me tell you this is right up my alley! So, the journey has begun with learning to become a better writer. So whilst it appears I am quieter than usual on Facebook, I am anything but!

The image below and the story that accompanies it has consumed every waking moment this week, 5am before work I got up and worked on it, and 5pm after work I'm back again for another go. I actually find the hardest part of these pieces of art is the actual naming. This one as of today is still unnamed! (Suggestions welcome!)

Also, moving from calling them images to"pieces" I find really difficult. New terminolgy takes a while to stick!

"If there was one thing you could be sure of, it was that Lady Sapphire was a confident and self-assured ruler of her domain. A little bit of metal mixed with a little bit of floofy pink cotton wool goodness. Not one to sit back and wait for the action to come to her, she strikes while the iron is hot, for her word, is LAW. A better protector and ruler, you will ne'er find.

It is fair to say, what Lady Sapphire wants, Lady Sapphire gets."

And that's about all I have time for this week folks, I'm off to spend some time with this bossy little lady.

Thanks for reading!

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