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Project 52 - Week 6:Fantasy

She grinned to herself... this was me ... the moment this theme was posted. I do love me a good story- especially when I can attach one of my fantastical images to it.

A few weeks back I caught up with a friend who had not long had her little Ragdoll kitten. Dubbed Tiffany Blue, I just knew she was destined for greatness.......

"Musings of her furry Meowness"

Meowdays things were pretty sweet for a young gal who's just moved out of home and learning about the big wide world.

Tiffany Blue had well and truly landed on her feet, Her floofy clould like little body had made itself right at home at her new residence. The only downside was the two older kids who were slightly less than impressed with her presence. Mind, that didn't really bother Tiffany Blue so much because her human servants made sure she was looked after.

Tiffany Blue's main concern in life was ensuring her new collection of designer toys were used to the fullest extent. You could forgive her for losing herself for a moment, zooming around full speed then flopping down giving her donut bed a good kick with her powder puff feets. A quick look around to ensure no one was laughing at her, and, she was off again. You must understand, a girl has to let loose on occasion. Life is meant to be lived to be sure. Once the moment had passed Tiffany Blue dusts herself off and resumes the princessly like state she was born into. Deeming it appropriate to receive adoration from her followers, those dark tipped ears and icy blue eyes are her greatest weapons especially when it comes to getting what she wants, resistance is futile! Tiffany Blue has the best of everything, wonderful squishy plush carpet to stick those needle like claws in as she ZOOMS, The most AMAZING hanging things at the windows- pretty sure these are custom build wall climbers put here JUST for entertainment purposes. (AKA- curtains.) There's a furniture jungle where nooks and crannies exist, a maze of little hidey holes custom built to hide all those ping pong balls and little treasures. Little dangly pieces of astoundingly good fun sitting there waiting to have their life story unraveled. (And unravel they do!)

There is a huge woodland area outside, the blades of green grass feel ever so strange on those poofy paws, The colours and aromas are rich and new- but for the moment, content she is, in her little custom built palace, taking it all in her stride. It sure is a cats life...........

You have to love kittens, and puppies. They have such exuberance for life and do everything full throttle. For those of us that have elderly pets they really are a source of constant entertainment and happiness. (Sometimes a bit of annoyance too!) A breath of fresh air to be sure.

Thanks for reading!

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