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Meet Us

Rochelle & Sapphire

Welcome! I am Rochelle, and this little lady I am pictured with is Sapphire. Together Sapphire and I created Dark Sapphire Photo Artistry.

Born and raised in the South Island of New Zealand in a small town outside of Nelson. Animals have always featured heavily in my life from parrots, to sheep, guinea pigs, cats and dogs. My love of animals was formed at a very young age and is something that is a big part of who I am.

Almost 14 years ago , these two little dark brown almond shaped eyes popped out of a travel crate. This little bundle of black and tan fur has been by my side ever since.

She has traveled beside me through some of the best times of my life, and some of the worst.

I have watched Sapphire age steadily over the last year or two, she has arthritis in her hips, spine and shoulders, a mammary tumor and several other issues which lead me to purchase my first DSLR in January 2016.

Sadly in November 2018 Sapphire lost her battle and passed, her name lives on in all I create.

What's in a name?

Who is Dark Sapphire I hear you ask?


Determined to capture her cheeky ,stubborn playful and independent nature. The moment the shutter clicked on my first camera, my world changed. While Sapphire was in front of my camera, I was behind it having an epiphany. Named in her honor Dark Sapphire began to evolve.

It has now become a name that holds a great deal of meaning, it is the foundation with which all of my artwork is built upon. My best friend of 13.5 years and loyal companion provided me with unending inspiration. Sadly she passed away in November 2018 but her name continues. Each time Dark Sapphire is stamped on a piece of my work you can be sure a piece of us both went into its creation.

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