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A Dogs Breakfast

Say What???

Boy were these guys in for a treat!

River Kitchen is one of Nelsons pet friendly cafes, located next to the riverbank of the Maitai.

It is in the perfect location, sunshine, scenery, the rushing water of the river AND its RIGHT in town. Did I mention dogs? Yes, you can take your faithful friend there before/after morning walkies.

See? I know right??.

The team at Omega Plus were outside the entrance ready to meet and greet everyone with their brand new products featuring SALMON! Everything from treats, to those healthy Omegas (3 and 6 ) oil.

Kitty cats- they didn't forget you either! , there's a whole range there just for finikity sophisticated felines.

Enter, the dogs!

They were all a very well behaved bunch, and there were some very happy faces once breakfast was down the hatch. (And a fair bit of drool)

Check out the gallery below! Happiness is a hound dog with treats!

And, here are the faces behind Omega Plus. Kat and Simon are the people who have worked to bring this product to life. They are also the people who answer any and all questions you may have. Well done guys!

Want to know more? Click here and have a look around the website

Show them you care, hit the like button on their page, and keep your eyes peeled for these products in your local supermarket.


One of the things I particularly enjoy about interacting with people and their pets is the way faces light up when they tell stories of their antics. To me, there is nothing more precious than seeing the bond between human and pet. It puts a smile on my dial and sends me directly to my happy place.

Thank you to everyone who came along and allowed their pets a moment in the spotlight.

After all who WOULDN'T love a face like this right??

As I couldn't bring my faithful bottomless pit/eat anything not nailed down best fur friend with me , she got to sample hers at home. Needless to say, the salmon tails were a big hit!

Her face when I told her there was no more was priceless.

Her smellovision was indicating I was lying through my teeth. Note the dis-guarded toy casually thrown to the ground. This is serious business here human- No time for silly hedgehog toys.

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Rochelle & Sapphire

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