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When Good Paws Go Bad.

A note from my mum first

Sapphire is a big part of Dark Sapphire photography- after all she is two thirds of that particular name. Its been a rough few weeks for the little lady, but after her second acupuncture session she looks like a different peopledog. She is moving much better and is happier in general. I haven't been able to post as many images as I would like - but rest assured I'm never far away from my camera. (To be fair its also been a stressful time for me too!) Now scroll on down to read more from Sapphire.

Love those little ears! Taken a couple of days after her first acupuncture session with Kelly @ The Vet Centre

I have an OUCHIE.....

A problematic paw, it just WONT do what I want it tooo! It doesn't matter if I'm walking or running it always manages to scrape across the concrete.

Mahs done her best to make sure I'm able to move better, and I can now scratch my own face again- neat HUH!? AND I'm sleeping in a ball again and I'm zooming around like a spring chicken..

Mah has been keeping an eye on my toenails but when she was at work on Thursday I just couldn't help myself- I HAD to lick.. and lick and lick... you get the picture. Mah came home and saw how horribly sore and inflamed my toes were and looked pretty concerned to be honest!

They have been sore for a while but Mah didn't know- sometimes she doesn't speak dog as well as me. She needs to turn her ears on I reckon!

Here's a picture of my paw that has its ears turned off tooo. It wont lift off the ground.. not for anything! Not even food!

I had to go to the DR on Friday, I really didn't want to go in there, it smells funny and I'm not allowed to bark at the other dogs inside. The floor is slippery and I slide everywhere and they have walls of yummy smelling things that I'm not allowed to have. Well why are they there then??... I can see them, so they are mine. That's the rulez!

Ive got MORE medicine to take now, and I have to have a HORRIBLE foot bath- jeez I hate having wet toes! Mah has had to find me something to wear on my foot while I'm outside all the time from now on- And I'm not wearing it if it is not fashionable.

I heard the Dr say they wanted to "cut it off" cut WHAT OFF???... Oh- my toenail- nah. I don't think I want that. I don't want that horrible looking plastic tube/collar thing either. Its as big as I am!

Mah's making me "rest" and I have to go to work with her for a few days and its BORING! How does she sit at that bright box thing all day... I dunno.

This is what my paw looked like yesterday- still really ouchie!

The sides just clean fallen right off! The Dr said it was close to having to be surgically removed but they wanted to give me a chance to let it heal on its own.

And this is me now... resting, and resting and resting. Shes watching me like a hawk! I cant even SNIFF it without getting glared at. Sheesh!

Oooh Mah cheated with that photo- that's me LAST weekend.. still.. I'm doing the same thing this weekend... all day...

Anyway- if there are a few days in between posts on here its because shes looking after me.. and rightly so! I'm me after all.

Now I'm going to the kitchen to find out if mahs started my teabowl yet- she better have!

XX Sapphire

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