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Sapphire's Alternative Treatment Pt2

We are now 4 weeks in to Sapphires acupuncture with Kelly at The Vet Centre in Richmond so thought it time for an update.

Today we ventured back for treatment number three as she had had a two week period in between her second and third visit (due to her nasty toenail/nail bed infection.)

How she knows its Tuesday and time to go see Kelly is beyond me, needless to say I arrived home to one very happy and excited hound dog who could not get in the car quick enough! (Ive never seen her WANT to go to a vet before in her entire 11 years of existence) Check out that face!

Its been cold here, I still have my winter Jim Jams on in the mornings! But how cool does my foot look!!!

Look Mah, cropped ears!!

Getting down to business now- Rocket ship Sapphire cleared for takeoff! I get frowned at when I zoom around like this!

Shes become quite accustomed to her footwear now and hands me her paw (generally) when she wants to go outside. She prefers to have it on inside too but I try and have it off for a while for some "fresh air"factor.

We have had a few boot fails in the process, shes decided she likes the little 0-6mth old baby socks that have the little rubber dots on them as shoes, so I now have a house scattered full of them! Shes not too keen on having a plastic bag on her tootsie though when its wet outside!

So in the car we hopped. For the 20 minute drive I got to hear a crescendo of Dobermann squeaks, whines and gurgles until we arrived at our destination. Out the car she jumps and dragged me inside.

Today Kelly worked a little more on the shoulder/leg she drags, and a couple of spots in her rear and back. She had a couple of ouchies but once she had had a snack(or twenty) she lay down for a while and let the magic happen.

Out came the needles and a few more snacks later we had her Traditional Chinese Medicine in hand which I'm a bit excited about trying. Its an entirely different way of treating patients compared to "Western Medicine" so I am hoping she responds well to it.

She has lost a kg in the last two weeks so some blood tests will be done to see if there is anything else going on. She has been on antiflammes for an extended period of time so the risk of Kidney issues is real. (Yes it does worry me- but we will cross that bridge if/when we need to!)

She slept the entire way back home which is normal for her after her session and that trend has continued for most of the evening. Shes already moving better again.

Check out my pink foot!

On a side note, I'm looking for ideas to get her "thinking" through the day while I'm not home. Shes a very intelligent dog and we think some of her nocturnal behaviour (Ie not sleeping a wink... all night) is because shes bored and sleeps all day. Watch this space!

The difference has been nothing short of remarkable in her. I am very very pleased with firstly her treatment and secondly, the way Kelly has listened and interacted with Sapphire. It is a stressful process watching your best friend decline, but I know she is in good hands.

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