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Project 52- Week 2: Black and White

Week Two!

Yes folks, you heard that right, we are steaming through January! The theme for week two is Black and White.

Ok- I have a confession to make, Black and White just isn't really my thing, there are some AMAZING black and white images out there, unfortunately none of them have been produced by myself.

My ever faithful model has once again humored me for this challenge- well. for a certain amount of time which happens to coincide with an empty treat bag. After all, no one likes to work for free right?

For me, there is more to a Black and White photo than meets the eye. Its not a matter of just converting an image to B&W. You HAVE to start with a good if not great image to begin with.

Because home is where Sapphire is most comfortable and lets face it, we all enjoy being at home in our jarmies dont we. A lot of my photography exercises and learning is done here. Its supposed to be summer time here, no one appears to have told the weather that with unseasonably cool temperatures.

So for this week, I started once again in the back yard. Softbox in hand, Sapphires face now lights up and she zooms straight from the door. Not because she enjoys having something flash brilliant light in her face with the intensity of a thousand burning suns on a dark morning while batting away mosquitoes the size of flying elephants. But, because them there treats in the humans pocket are hers for the taking and all she has to do is sit still. Its a done deal before the Speedlite has charged.

When shes had enough- she simply gets up, turns around and walks off leaving a trail of drool and the human to clean up the mess. Which is riiight about .. here.

For the third image I happened to be in the right place at the right time. Generally with these moments I curse the fact I left my camera in the car or at home. But all the stars were in alignment that day, and I captured Kohi just staring into space with a nice little rim light.

I'm looking forward to seeing what creative magic everyone else comes up with this week!

Pop on over to Emma at EVM Pet Photography servicing the Yarra Valley and Surrounds - Melbourne, Australia and have a read of the next installment in the blog circle.

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