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Project 52- Week 3:Negative Space

Negative Space: Pet Photography Challenge Week 3


What Is It?

Well, simply put its the area around and between the object/focus of your image.

It's used to emphasize and highlight the part of the image you what to place the most attention on. It should draw your eye to the main subject in your image.


The Challenge Itself

These challenges are a bit of an eye opener for me, having to think a lot more about what I'm putting in my images and where I am placing subjects. This particular week I have had to put a little more thought into what I wanted to see. You see, my images in general have a lot of things going on in the background.

Shooting at home doesn't lend well to "Negative Space" as I simply don't have a lot of it going around!

So for this week, I decided I was going to highlight some of my favourite aspects of Sapphire and see what I could come up with. Which isn't as easy as it sounds either, because well, ALL of her is my favourite thing!

Out came the pen and paper and note pad and I set about sketching some ideas for her.


The Result

It was actually warm enough outside for her to want her Pj's off - YES! there is in fact a black and tan dog under there somewhere! And here she is! (Not that you can see much of her of course)

The great thing about Sapphire is she will pretty well do anything to get more food in that little tummy of hers. The down side of this is that within a matter of minutes she is drooling profusely with strings of it hanging down around her knees.

invariably it ends up spread all over the human, I'm pretty sure its some form of payback. It also means I have to be pretty speedy with getting the images I want otherwise I'm going to be spending a LOT of time editing out a LOT of drool!

This sniffer is a finely tuned piece of German engineering. It misses nothing. And often is the main cause of her getting herself into mischief. As she has aged it has had a few war wounds and now has a few wee pink patches which I think add character.

The Gateway to my soul. These little peepers don't work as well as they used to. At 11.5 shes almost completely night blind. And in direct light early in the morning and last thing at night she struggles to see much of anything.

Yet, she has no problem seeing a sparrow in the distance on her driveway, or a cat skulking across the road at the other end of the street.

I never get tired of looking into these little almond shaped gems.

Mercutio also gets a feature this week tooo. This boy has absolutely no control over his little kitty cat emotions so is even more unpredictable than your average kitty. Mercutio was raised by humans so never had a mum cat to teach him cat manners or cat behaviour. He goes by several names- Hellcat being one. He is also one of the most photogenic cats I've come across ,when all the planets and stars are aligned and hes been fed, watered and all those things he needs have had happen to be in control you will occasionally get something worth taking home.

And that's it from me for another week!

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