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Project 52 - Week 4: Different Perspective

Pet Photography Project 52- Different Perspective.

A Dobermanns Point Of View.


There comes a time in every dogs life when you realize your human is in fact, quite nuts. This is the situation I found myself in as I ambled down the hallway- toenails clacking on the floor last weekend.

I peek my head around the doorway as I like to be a Sneaky Mcsneaker sometimes (even though my ears which mum calls wingnuts give me away). When, what do I see?.... the human.. on the floor ,on her back, looking similar to a dying fly. Arms up- I think she was trying to make a hand version of that pointy clicky camera doodad thingameewhatsit. I smiled on the inside ... yeah. I was about to get the motherload of treats. And not just your run of the mill Kibbly boring breakfast and dinner I'm too lazy to get you anything else treats. These are the special "if you sit still for me you can have these without really doing much of anything treats" BONUS!

I personally think this Different Perspective thing got a bit out of control, you have to watch this human.. shes a rule bender from way back.

Shes also an exceptionally good pack horse. Man, that lady can carry some stuff! All that gear she carts outside just for me.. Me!!... She must really think I'm pretty....or silly.... I haven't quite worked out which but as long as I get those snacks I don't really care.

So we get outside, its cloudy and cold. And, she lays down again and does the same thing! I had to go and investigate just to make sure my snacks weren't getting squashed. She must have ended up with something she was happy with as we weren't out there too long. I hardly had ANY time to even start drooling. How RUDE!

I don't get it, it seems to make her happy but who wants a black box thing to squint through all the time in their face. Just look at the wrinkles shes gonna get on that side of her noggin!

For the last 4 months of last year she was pretty sad as I was unwell and we weren't sure if I was going to make it- But I'm still here! And shes making up for it with a vengeance now let me tell you!. She says I'm her muse.. Do I get paid for that??

Anyways- here are my photos.... do they make my nose look fat?


The Humans Perspective.

This one i felt was quite open to interpretation. I'm guilty of tending to do the same things over again. Those things you just automatically do as fall backs. I wondered.. what would the perspective of a little dogs world be like?. Meeting a dog the size of Sapphire must be like living in an episode of Land of the Giants. (Hence the rolling around like a dying fly on my back)

I also wondered- what If I change the perspective the camera sees? Rather than just changing my own position.

Interestingly we all walk the same earth and yet each of us views that earth differently. I'm 5ft tall, is my view of the world the same as someone who's 7ft tall? I think not.

I had a couple of ideas in mind I wanted to try so after I had done my best dead insect pose and given the loyal and underpaid model her snacks I tried them out.

This wasn't quite as straight forward as I thought it was going to be. Mistake #1- not cutting the piece of paper big enough. It needs to be bigger than the lens, a lot bigger. The first attempt all I ended up with was a bunch of fingers in my photo. Mistake #2- making the shape too big, it needs to be smaller than you think it does! Another thing I also learned was this does not work using a 50mm lens. I just couldn't get it to focus through the little hole.

Wooops- cropped a bit of the top off on that one- back to the drawing board- I get the feeling she knew Id done it too. The "seriously human- haven't you learned ANYTHING??"

Attempt number two. By the skin of my teeth this time!

This one I'm DEFINITELY going to be attempting again. I couldn't find the marble I wanted in any of the shops so had to settle for this one...

More work definitely required, and I'm really keen to explore the marble idea SO much more. I'm on the hunt for a crystal clear marble with no texture. Interestingly with the marble- everything appears upside down!

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