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Project 52 - Week 5: Before And After

As the title states, this weeks theme for our Pet Photography Blog is Before and After.

This week there was no odd rolling around the floor behaviour Sapphire has come to know from her human. This week, I actually had to use my brain!

Photographers like to show the outside world their shiny , well polished and vibrant images. But how do they get that way? I mean, every second person you talk to has a camera , or a phone... with a camera. So whats the difference? Don't we all do the same thing? Point and shoot? Or .. do we...

So, without further ado, here's the process for this image

So, first up, on the first public holiday of the year, I set the alarm for precisely - far too early o'clock WAY before the birds are even awake to make use of the early morning light. Gear waiting ready to roll at the front door. If I strap this here, and that there and carry this and do that with that- I can in fact get everything in the car all in one go. WINNING!

If I had had a volunteer with me (No one I know is crazy enough to wake when I do) I would have had a pull back image. So for this part you will just have to imagine.

Camera bag on my back, a tripod & bag hanging off one arm, a light stand in a bag hanging off the other and a folded softbox and mount in one hand. Car door opened with the other, to attach a lead to Saffy... Drat! Still got her pj's on! Wrestle with those one handed while she does the impatient I want to get out NOW dance. Cracks my jaw with the top of her skull as I'm leaning in.. (Insert expletive here) ##%$$$ Lead goes back on, door closes- wrestle with Saffy, gear and car keys to lock car.... and on, and on and on it goes. (Does anyone hear circus music??)

FINALLY tho! We are here!

I had intended to create a before and after slider, I will admit- it got the better of me. After seeing endless screeds of code which looked like something from an alien world I went for this instead.

The before,

Straight out of Raw to Jpg. In Raw I checked for any clipping- there was a tiny bit on the right side of the image and also a little on Sapphire- so lowered some highlights and lifted some shadows a tiny bit and voila.

At the time this images was taken I hear Sapphire saying "Haven't you learned anything?? Check the WHOLE frame. WHOLE frame human- look where you left that lead. Yes, much to my annoyance, I did in fact then have to edit that out.

The After,

Detail added in the sky using a handy little filter , some dodging and burning and obviously that pesky lead removed. Checked Sapphires eyes and cleaned up anything I didn't want there and boosted those catch lights. You can see from the before image I have chosen to remove the cyst under her eye. I don't always do that as it is part of her and her age. But today I chose to.

I don't generally go crazy overboard with editing. Whilst I would dearly love to know how a lot of people do these amazing edits I'm very new in my journey only on page two of the first chapter of my book so to speak. 3 months ago I would NEVER have got this image right in camera so I'm going to take that as a win!

I was a bit spoiled last weekend as I also managed to get to the beach with three- YES! THREE! Dobermanns. Had anyone taken a photo of me I'm sure you would have seen a grin like a Cheshire cat! So- here's another take on before and after for your viewing pleasure.

The calm before the storm- Before

Anyone like to guess how long this lasted for???

And the aftermath- I mean after....

For me there is no greater pleasure than seeing a dog in its happy place. However, Dobermanns will forever hold a special place in my heart.

And now that you have all made it to the end of that novel, please head on over to Kelly Garin Photography Columbia, SC and see what Kelly came up with.

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