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Project 52 - Week 7: Natural Light

The word Photography itself is ALL about light, literally meaning writing or drawing with light (based on the Greek meaning)

One thing we can all agree on is we need it , and learning to use it to our advantage is a challenge. Learning to work in different lighting situations and understanding the effect it has on your camera and images is one of those things that takes time , patience and a lot of trial and error to understand.

For this week Sapphire was back to being model again. She gets quite excited at the prospect and stands at the door with her little stumpy tail wiggling, front feet stomping up and down and a glint in her eye. Once that door opens, four feet literally skate across the floor , going nowhere fast because shes not gained any traction. All of a sudden Shes OFF! Sideways, out the door and straight into the car.

As we are always out and about early there's no fear of the sun being too harsh, generally we have the opposite situation, daybreak, soft light and a lack thereof! Them's the breaks.

Back to one of Sapphire's favourite spots to strut her stuff. I decided to break out my favourite portrait lens (which I haven't used in a while- for no other reason than I just haven't!) I immediately remembered why I love it so much. Then I wondered why I hadn't been using it more!

I love early morning light just as the sun is waking up. Every weekend you will find Sapphire and I out watching at least one sunrise.. here's why...

That face and those ears, it never gets old seeing that burning intensity when she is at full attention. It warms the cockles of my soul. Her personality shines through in these.

Ever been stalked by a Dobermann?......

I was also lucky enough to catch up with Vikki from The Nelson Ark this past weekend to photograph their latest recruit Keene who is up for adoption. Totally different lighting situation. This was late afternoon, the sun was BEATING down on us and it was hot. So, we found ourselves a nice shady spot and got to work, adapting to the situation as best we could. In the second image we wore the full brunt of the sun but managed to time it so the sun was behind cloud.

If you are unfamiliar with The Nelson Ark pop along and check them out, they have an amazing A-PART Program (Animals, People and Rehabilitative Training) – a unique and proven method of enhancing the mental well being of young New Zealanders. Its worth a look.

P.s - last update Keene was going to meet a prospective family! Hurray!

Every lighting situation brings new challenges and its up to us to best work with what we have got. Here's another situation with Chipper AKA "Chips" and his handler from the pound, Mike. Chips is looking for his very own furever family to love too through the Tasman/Richmond Pound. Another example of cloud being my friend in the hot afternoon sunlight.

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