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Project 52 - Week 9: Doorways

Welcome to another installment of the Professional Pet Photography blog chain. Week Nine it is!

This week we look into doorways, and Sapphire is back to being my model. Thankfully she didn't have far to go this time around and it wasn't the crack of dawn either.

The house we reside in is not the easiest of houses to photograph in. Bright on the outside, but inside its a VERY different story. Light of any kind is nearly non existent, it is a difficult environment to photograph in , hence the reason I have no "indoor" images of her. So, I decided to make use of the door frame to frame one side of her- looking in towards all the other doors/frames inside. (On a side note- we are hoping to move to greener pastures this year.. unfortunately finding a dwelling I can have Sapphire in is proving very difficult)

the "Gate keeper"

On a more spiritual note- You will often hear me say Sapphires eyes are the doorway/key to my heart and soul. So anytime I get to have her in front of my camera is an absolute blessing. So a doorway doesn't have to be a tangible item you walk through- it can simply be the keeper to something very important to you, such as Sapphire is to me. And as her arthritis slowly but surely increases and she slows down little by little before my very eyes you realize some doors cant be re opened once they are closed.

Sentinel standing guard

In keeping with the doorway theme here is Mercutio, doing his best to weave his way in and out his little cat house. With a little bit of coaxing we managed to get him to turn around and face the camera just as he was popping his head out of his little version of a doorway.

Mercutio is one of the most photogenic cats I've come across- he occasionally gets a feature in these blogs when all the stars and planets are in alignment.

Unfortunately his wildly unpredictable little cat emotions get the better of him often and he behaves in an undesirable manor. There's a story there. He was hand raised by humans therefore never learned a single scrap of cat manners. Which leads to little emotional outbursts which are VERY unpredictable. And on more than one occasion has caused some claret to be spilt- and it isn't his!!

As he has aged he has calmed down somewhat which has lead to a more harmonious existence in this particular household. Needless to say- if hes not in the mood hes REALLY not in the mood.

Oftentimes I walk in, take one look at him and know on this day, my camera will NOT be making an appearance. Such is the way of things sometimes when you work with animals!

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