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Project 52 - Week 10:Patterns

And its all about patterns.

Google the word patterns and you will most likely see a descriptor such as "decorate with a recurring design" or a "repetitive design".

We encounter patterns everyday in our lives- most of them we pass by completely oblivious to. I myself am a "routine" person- same things done at the same time every day. Patterns to me are my happy place.

Take Sapphire for example, each day she wakes at the same time, waggles her tail exactly twice then proceeds to squiggle for at least a solid 30 minutes while getting scritches.

(Granted- this has nothing to do with photography- but it is an example of a pattern as this process repeats EVERY day at the same time- rain, hail or shine. Summer or Winter. Monday to Sunday with no exceptions.)

Shortly after, her ridiculously empty tummy gets the better of her and its time for the human to feed and water her. This is accomplished with a few well placed licks, which then become nudges , which then turns into a Dobermann standing on me waggling her tail.

When that doesn't work plan B is put in motion and shes off to find the nearest dis guarded toy which gets stomped on and thrown around, and the high pitched puppy yips and teeth snapping starts.... Dobermanns...... expressive creatures.

In keeping with the Sapphire theme, the ol girl decided to choose the theme this week when I walked in and saw her resting on her most prized possession. The 2.5 metre long GIANT caterpillar. This was her 11th birthday present in July last year.

The body of this thing is broken up into sections of colour giving a very colourful pattern to play with. (Not that you can see it all of course- its just too big!) Giving me an added challenge of trying to find enough available light indoors - in the end out came the soft box.

Peekaboo- Its mine!

I'm just going to rest my ears here for a minute

My face is all smushed up and I don't care

SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH- )ust look at that precious wee face!)

And Just to break up that pattern you are now so used to seeing, here she is again, but at a different place in the caterpillar body, and a bit closer to the window giving me a bit more light to work with!

Shes doing it again, If I ignore her do you think she will go away??.......

Sigh, sigh sigh

This better be the last one human, my patience is dwindling. And wheres my snack!?

The different colored portions of her caterpillar make quite the difference to the images- giving allsorts of different colour casts. Her black coat makes for quite a nice break in all that intense caterpillary colour! Each time Sapphire features I hope to give the general public a glimpse into life with her and this breed. Most people only ever get to see the hard exterior Dobermanns appear to have, in reality that couldn't be further from the truth. Earn the trust and respect of a Dobermann and you will have a friend , companion and soulmate for life. Never will you spend a moment alone again. They are special dogs indeed.

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