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Project 52 - Week 13:Green

Green- I see green everywhere , is actually how I feel when editing images with a lot of trees and grass. Right off the bat I'm going to let you in on a secret about me. Green= not my favourite colour. Not by a long shot.

Having said that- I'm quite partial to a good bit of scenery. contradictory- yes it is.

For this weeks theme I decided to try something a bit left field. Such was the state of my mind after Sapphire's trip to the vet Monday gone. No one likes to hear the word Cancer in a conversation and whilst I deep down already knew the state of things, having to confront it is a different matter. So I wanted to try something that was going to get my brain exercised.

I cant recall if it was someone in this group that posted a double exposure a while back or not, but that is where I found myself for this challenge. And, I very quickly learned there was more to it than I first thought. After a few tutorials and learning how to set my camera up I was off for my first attempt.

What I very quickly learned was all that lovely green foliage on your second exposure- doesn't actually look that green on the completed image- ah well... live and learn.

So here are the best of my attempts, these ones will get the grade :more attn required!

So back to my trusty dribbly Dobermann for some actual green and as per usual she was keen as mustard to get in there and get those treats as soon as possible.

I'm not entirely sure what she was looking at here in the front yard but whatever it was certainly had her full attention. Perhaps it was the errant hedgehog she so kindly presented me at 6am Friday morning(Who DOESN'T want a half chewed hedgehog for their birthday) 12 years old and she still hasn't learned that they make ouchies lol.

I often find that photographing Sapphire around lots of green gives me a multitude of different colour casts to fix in her fur. This black dog seems to be a sponge for the many different colours being thrown around by the foliage.

Still I'm not going to complain I am grateful I get these moments and images of her.

Lets see what everyone else has been up too....

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