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Project 52 - Week 14:Urban

When I hear the word Urban it conjures images of concrete jungles with amazing buildings and big sprawling cities.

Since Nelson is not really either of those things, least of all a big sprawling city, I decided to try a location everyone in Nelson should recognize.

For this challenge I had to enlist the help again of my sister who does a marvelous job of handling what at times is one of THE most difficult dogs to handle. You guessed it! Sapphire!

At home, this little angel face is a dream. Out in public, her alter ego comes out in force and she becomes a little demon. Possessed by a force that ensures her ears are turned off and her senses are all on high alert. Its truly impressive to watch and if you are quick enough you get some fabulous facial expressions (If you can get her to look at you of course.)

For those that aren't aware, Dobermanns were tasked with one job, this breed's sole purpose is personal protector. Created by a fellow by the name of Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann , he created this breed to help protect him during Tax collections. Created with strength, loyalty, intelligence and ferocity in mind, these days they are much more even tempered and make loyal and protective family members. Sapphire is no exception to this, and since it has just been her and I for a number of years she takes her role as protector very seriously. Recently, it seems she has expanded her "family" to now include my sister as I was seeing sparks of her protectiveness rear up with her as well this weekend.

So off we trundled after much deliberation between us about where we were going. We arrived!

Final destination, The Trafalgar Centre. The weather was average, and I had to have my shutter speed a little lower than I would have liked but we got there in the end. Only- you forget just how BIG these buildings actually are... So in the end, I actually didn't get a lot of said building in my image- something to think about there!.

We then turned 180 degrees, and had another attempt at a different area.

Standing at attn(or sitting as the case may be) I adore the intensity of this expression.

Our town is quite unique and we have a LOT of heritage buildings here so we also decided we would see what we could do with a couple of the little cottages around the place. Yes- people do look at you like you are little crazy...

Its not everyday you see someone out with a Dobermann wearing socks*, in front of someones character building being photographed. (Shrugs)

*Due to arthritis in her shoulders she drags her feet, a number of months ago she smashed a toenail which started a cascade of events starting with surgery to repair the damage, it was pretty awful. Long story short she ended up with a huge patch of necrotic tissue on the side of her foot which fell away and left a gaping wound which could not be stitched. Bandages made her foot swell and I couldn't leave her alone so she had to come to work with me. She now has to wear something on her front feet every time she is on concrete. She has "boots' however they change her stride and she gets quite sore so baby socks it is!

And it was about here, Sapphire decided she had had enough and was done. How do I know? She just stands, wont move forward, backward- nothing. Statue be thy name- I'm not moving another HAIR unless its back to the car.

When shes done shes done, and I'm completely ok with that. We have an understanding that neither of us does anything we don't want to lol.

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