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Project 52 - Week 15:Breaking The Rules

Rules- they are everywhere, we live in a world full of them. Not all of them are absolutes and some are definitely made to be broken!

There are a lot of "rules" and "technicalities" in photography, and further to that there are even more rules that follow for pets. I personally just aim to capture something pleasing to the eye, Rules schumules. Having said that I do have a few absolutes I live by, such as in focus eyes and toes and ears all in tact on images they should all be in tact on lol.

I was pretty excited about this challenge, so much so I forgot to submit my actual blog into the chain until later in the week. My bad.

It took me a wee while to nut out what I wanted to achieve and further to that it took me several attempts to actually achieve it! I decided the rule I was going to break was shooting into the sun.

I spent three days capturing this image and I didn't really have an overly clear idea of how I wanted it to look to begin with. The first evening, I left it to late and by the time I had all my gear our and Sapphire ready- the sun was too low for me to achieve what I wanted. Drat!!! The second evening- rain and cloud and the third evening we FINALLY got it!! In a perfect world I would have had an amazing background , alas that was not the case so we have to roll with what we have at home. I'm actually OK with that too as this is Saffy's home. Cluttered untidy backyard and all. Another rule broken lol.

I also don't believe all images have to have said pet staring directly at the camera, another rule.. you guessed it... BUSTED. Everyone has different things in their own style they like and don't like, these things for me are what I look for..... most of the time. I do indeed sometimes also break my own rules.

First attempt- and yes! I got the starburst, but it wasn't really what I was looking for. Clearly though, I had something Saffy was looking for!

Attempt #2

Lucky last!

This blog has really given me the opportunity to learn more about my camera and to also start to think about things I want to see in my images before I even pick up the camera. And I'm pretty impressed with my first attempts at a starburst! Above all of that though.... I get to forever see these images.

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