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Project 52 - Week 17:Low Key

Low Key sounds like it would be so simple!

The definition is an image that contains predominantly dark tones and colours conveying a sense of drama and or mystery. Its all about those shadows!

Easy right???

Only- its really not.... I knew exactly what I wanted in my head but there was a distinct gap between what I created and what I wanted!

Sapphire makes a great model for this kind of thing as shes more than content to just sit and wait for the treats to be dispensed. However there's only so much of that one can take before they up and leave!

So with my one trust lighting source, a tripod and the backdrop that feels like it takes an eternity to set up the ever faithful and reliable Dobermodel plonked herself down to begin

My first effort left me feeling a little less than enthusiastic about what I had created so much so I actually just didn't want to use any of those images!

I also wanted to try and do as much of it as possible in camera, more done in camera= less time in Photoshop.

We had another attempt later on in the week to see if we could come up with something better and we did!

For me this is a really powerful image of Sapphire.

Dubbed "Black Beauty" by a friend, this image is her to a T. Dark, mysterious, moody and with two very distinct sides to her. (The side we as furparents see- and the side the general public see) Sapphire herself has no grey areas in life either , things are very black or very white I feel this style lends well to her breed and her personality.

Interesting though that the things we think shouldn't be too difficult or will be relatively easy sometimes work out to be the most technically challenging of all!


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