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Project 52 - Week 20:Low Angle

Ever stopped and thought about what your fur child's view of the world is like? Do they think they live in the land of the giants I wonder? This week we are exploring low angles, this to me means getting down to their level. Now, Given I'm 5ft tall, that's not really too much of an ask! And yes, sometimes I DO live in land of the giants myself lol!

So just imagine being this little guy!

This is Charlie- as you can no doubt tell from his little face. Right now hes having the time of his wee life.

On to subject number two, which we have all met before, the lovely and ferocious feline Mercutio.

Mercutio is actually probably a wee bit bigger than Charlie is! But his view of the world is different as he doesn't roam outside. Regardless though, in order to capture a cats eye view, getting down to a low angle works! (Yes- I looked like I was bent up like a pretzel taking this one) This is what he sees- the bottoms of the door frames- the towering kitchen bench with all those lovely goodies to knock straight on the floor.....And hes VERY well acquainted with that carpet!

Looking very subdued in this image.

And then,lastly- low angle for this little lady means something entirely different. And in this case here as she was already up on the front steps, I didn't have to lay down on the wet cold ground (Yay me!) Guess that's the advantage to having your body resting on what look like black and tan stilts.

And one more for luck as this is where she spends probably at least 8 hrs a day... here she is, in her favourite spot in the lounge. Her side of the couch of course. While the human is lying on the floor

Looking slightly grumpy - possibly because I had tried to get her to wear gumboots earlier. That... did not go well lol.

I see you have treats..... I toooo... would like treats...

On a side note, this winter weather has really taken a toll on Sapphire. Shes rugged up in two jackets most of the day and is still looking pretty stiff. She spends about 20 minutes a day total outside now and even that is done very very reluctantly! The prognosis isn't great, I'm now just managing the arthritis as best I can now until I cant. She is still a happy girl, catching up with her two Doberfriends earlier this week. So- if she wants to sit on the couch.. the couch she shall have. And two beds of her own, plus the fireplace, and her overflowing toybox lol!

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