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Project 52 - Week 21:Sunset

Sunset is not something I find myself witnessing often. Being an early morning person I prefer sunrise. So this was a perfect opportunity to do something I don't normally do. And this time I am not writing from the point of a photographer, I'm writing as a dog parent. First and foremost that is what I am. Earlier in the week something utterly tragic happened to a four legged friend I have come to know, which devastated a lovely family. it is a timely reminder to us all to just enjoy the little moments and that is exactly what we did here. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in "getting that shot" I actually forget to really enjoy what I'm seeing!

I already had a trip planned out with Sapphire to see her Doberfriends and it coincided with A) One of my favourite places in the region and B) With Sunset! This particular weekend winter decided to hit us with full force. It was BITTERLY cold, to the point where I almost decided to leave Sapphire at home in front of the fire! In the end I didn't- and she had a great time having some zoomies with the two young ones. Yes I tend to wrap her in cotton wool, but there is a fine line between doing that and not allowing her to live a happy and fulfilling life! I have to remind myself the most important thing is, for her to do things that make her happy! So here they are out having some zoomies.

Except she evaded the camera here lol- better luck next time!

Amy's boy Rufus thinks Sapphire is pretty cool, watching him playbow and zoom around her is delightful. Sapphire on the other hand runs around in circles looking OMG OMG hes chasing me!

Here are the two of them together. Having a casual stroll around the place.

Lol- there's three Dobes in there!

Olive took off in the distance doing her own thing- and then- her head pops up!

After this we headed back and settled in for dinner, good times! Sapphire was worn out by the time she got home, but she had a blast.

These aren't the best examples of what can be done at sunset, but they are examples of an oldie having a great time and though they aren't "wall worthy" They are memories that genuinely put a smile on my dial.

Sometimes its not just about having the prettiest image, we get so wrapped up in wanting beauty it is easy to forget its about keeping little memories like this in tact to look back on and think, gosh she had the most amazing time out there! I wish everyone had the opportunity to grab hold of things like this, because as I've learned this week, sometimes you think you have all the time in the world, and sometimes it turns out you really don't. And I'm sure Jessica Wasik with Bark & Gold Photography, celebrating the joy and love between Pittsburgh pet and their people is going to have a totally different take on Sunset this week so click here to head on over to her blog and check it out.

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