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Project 52 - Week 24:Back Lighting

Back lighting means to illuminate from behind. Whilst this description is incredibly short, the list of technicalities that come along with back lighting unfortunately are not! From missed focus to the contrast between subjects and the sun cause a world of issues for you and your camera!

Back Lighting is something I have recently started experimenting with a bit in my client sessions. Call me crazy but I'm quite fond of a little well placed lens flare. (Note I said a LITTLE)

I do prefer to take advantage of the golden hour sun (Hour before sunset- hour after sunrise) if at all possible. But even then the sun can be HARSH. There is quite a knack to angling yourself/your lens and your subject in the right position.

But- on occasion - you actually don't get the choice when it comes to location and time of day. All you can do is the best you can do and work the light as best you can.

On the weekend I got to meet Bonnie and Clyde. These two lovelies are residing at the Tasman Pound just waiting for their forever home. Found wandering together, they have made leaps and bound in their confidence since being picked up. Now, they are ready to start the next stage of their journey... finding a furever home! Ideally they would LOVE to stay together, it is evident they have quite a bond. Have a look here for more info on the two of them. Bonnie and Clyde

And without further ado- here they are!

Meet Bonnie- these were taken in the mid day sun. To combat the harsh back lighting we used the trees as a filter. As a result there is a little dappled light on her wee face.

And Clyde. Again using the trees as a filter- you can see behind him just how harsh that sun is!

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