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Project 52 - Week 26:Leading Lines

When you google this theme- this is the general consensus: Leading Lines are used to draw a viewers attention to a specific part of the frame, whether it's a person, or a vanishing point in the background of the frame.

This technique is something I have not done a lot with to date, but the images I have utilized this in I have really liked! So as soon as this theme appeared I KNEW where I wanted to go.. it was just a matter of the weather being kind to us!

So, this week I'm afraid is another week without the supermodel talent of Sapphire. She got to stay at home in front of the fire to rest her weary toes while this was happening (To be sure she would have preferred to be out with me- however the human over-ruled her and wanted her to stay snuggled up in the warm)

For those of you that have been following along the past few weeks you will all recognize this little bloke. Check out that swagger!!. This little guy has a big dog "Tude" squished into a little dog body!

Have I mentioned I LOVE bridges! Both sides of that bridge lead you straight to this little guy and his "I make this look good" face.

And here's another structure, the boardwalk leads your eye straight to Charlie and, hes framed perfectly by three posts leaving him right in the middle where all the action is.

There are so many different options when it comes to leading lines. Sapphire and I had our portrait session in a vineyard.... leading Lines GALORE! And it was amazing! This location here is also another I am definitely going to be back to explore more! And- one last image, no leading lines in this one, but the rock on one side and tree on the other leaves Charles sitting right in the middle to catch your eye- that, and I liked it.. lol , that's why. Hes magnificent right?

This was an excellent portrait session, Charlie did his level best and we all had a great time. There may have even been a rendition of the Lion King at this point!.... maybe. That's what its about though right? Having fun!

Want to book a portrait session like Charlie's? Click here to message me!

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