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Project 52 - Week 28:Comic

The wonderful thing about photography is each persons view of the world and the things in it is perceived differently. This weeks theme will be no exception to that, I am really looking forward to seeing what everyone else does!. After a little deliberation and the tabling of an idea or two that just was never going to work I finally had something in mind.

So- welcome to Sapphires comic book world. A limited edition one off comic story which you are all invited to read!

Saftropolis- Volume One of One.

While the residents of this city slumber on this chilly midwinter evening, tucked up at home. There's a crime fighter out there, guarding the city. Ever present and watchful.

Nothing gets past the dark intelligent pools for eyes this guardian has. Combined with her bulletproof nature, astute hearing and take no prisoners attitude the city of Saftropolis is safe in her paws.

Evil doers and troublemakers beware, for this guardian affectionately dubbed "Super Sapphire" delivers a heavy paw when dispatching her version of justice.

The strong paws of Sapphire Law are upheld with relentless enthusiasm and complete focus on her targets. Often engaging the swoop and growl or the perimeter hop to keep errant strays and unwanted minions at bay.

Lulling you into a false sense of confidence with her slow and often unsteady gate, miscalculate at your own peril, for, Super Sapphire's warp speed engages instantaneously when required.

Should you happen to cause trouble and get too close and the full super power of the "breath of doom" will be unleashed rendering her target utterly immobile.

She is fiercely protective of those in her small circle of friends and reacts swiftly and intensely. Offering only one warning. Woe betide those who miss the split second warning, for this one does not give you a second opportunity.

On this fateful night, the city of Saftropolis suffers a city wide power cut rendering Sapphires residents cold, and sitting in the dark.

Sitting on a ledge overlooking her precious town, cape billowing behind her in the breeze, Sapphire watches...

Watches and waits, for the signal her city needs her.

Never fear, Commissioner Marshall has had the Sapphire signal activated. It wont be long now.......

As the chaos of darkness takes hold the paws of justice reign down on her city, searching for the reason behind the power cut, sniffing, watching- leaping tall buildings in a single jump.

Finally! The perpetrators have been located, scattering in different directions to evade capture! Sapphire chuckles to herself.... she likes this game, its easily one of her favourites. The "divide and conquer" method. Easily dispatching the first target she changes tactic and moves into "Stealth Dog Mode" The cape of invisibility activates and the next criminal never stood a chance.

Two down, one to go. Her third mode of capture is Prey Drive Warp Speed, used only when absolutely necessary (why waste good energy if you don't have to.) Going from zero to flat out in a second with a low rumbling growl emanating from deep within her chest. Mouth slightly ajar with ears alert and a gleam in her eye. With a 45 point auto focus tracking system, once her target is locked- it is only a matter of time before they are dispatched. Relentless and persistent, this mode turns adults into quivering children who rapidly cross footpaths, hold their pets close and disappear inside to avoid notice. Relax folks. You are all perfectly safe.

With power to the city returning, Sapphire receives all the pats, snacks, toys and attention she can handle from the city folk. Before contentedly making her way back to the Saf den where her minion has tended to all her requirements. Warm fire going, heated blankie on and a warm bowl of food ready. Another good nights work and Sapphire can relax her weary paws until tomorrow. This crime fighting business is hard work but she rests easy knowing her minion is safe and sound and her city is at peace.

As you can see I had fun with this theme. This is how I imagine Sapphire thinks about the place we live. Her own little Saftropolis mecca. Hers to rule with an iron paw. A bit like the Highlander- "There can be only one" One of the things I LOVE about photography is you can truly create any world you desire, limited only by your imagination and obviously by the amount of light you have available.

Interested in having an image like this created of your own fur-kid telling his/her unique superhero story? Get in touch here to talk.

Thanks for baring with me this weeks folks- there's a lot of words up there!!

P.s all stock images used have been sourced off Pixabay/Deviant Art.

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