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Project 52 - Week 33:Multiple Perspective

Welcome along to week 33. Multiple Perspective to me means exploring things from differing points of view. My first thought was to attempt to use several different images of the same object, but from differing angles.

However, the weather here, very quickly eliminated that as an option so I again put my creativity to good use. Rather than using several different images, I decided to squish them altogether and went 3D!

I'm not going to lie- I have spent copious hours working on this one. But I am pretty happy with the almost final image. I say almost as I feel I still have a little tweaking to do on it yet. There is SO much more on this left for me to explore.

The 3D module in Photoshop is no joke- it is a BEAST of a thing and I was really asking a lot of my laptop to do what I wanted it to do, there was a lot of waiting, a lot of restarts due to lack of RAM and a lot of trial and error.

I have been so immersed in this creation, I have not really had time to stop and ponder writing a narrative to go with it. Yikes!

There are elements of several pets I have photographed woven into this image. Sapphire takes a front row seat of course with the S being the first letter of her name. She also gets a feature as Sapphire Island.

Mercutio puts his fishing skills to good use but appears to come up empty handed so far... drifting eerily close to the wrong side of town with teddy bear rocks of Sapphire Island perilously close to his little dinghy.

Of course he has other things to worry about there, with a friendly Orca making an appearance.

Taco, out to the left on his own little craggy outcrop, is just comfortable sitting and watching, which is just as well. Given there's a rather large Octopus underneath, just waiting for its next meal.

Charlie makes his appearance further up in the haunted forest, peering behind him to make sure hes not being followed to his hidden stash of cardboard boxes he loves to gnaw upon so very much.

Resting atop the forest canopy is the Guardian. Slumbering soundly next to its treasure... Saffy's storybook! And who should feature on it.. Sapphire of course!

As you can see, my imagination ran a little wild on this one, ideas are not always immediately forthcoming so often when I run out of steam I put it away and revisit it again later.

This has been created with the intention of printing it LARGE, for that reason a lot of the detail I have painstakingly added is lost on this small image. But at 500MB and counting I have had to resize it for the internet. I cannot wait to see it come to life in print.

All stock images have been sourced off DeviantArt- anyone wanting any of the links let me know and I will post them (there are just to many to put here)

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