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Project 52 - Week 35:Street

Spring has finally sprung! And with that, so has a pretty nasty cold/cough. So whilst writing this I'm feeling a little sorry for myself.

Its been a pretty big week, Sapphire and I are on the move! After 5 years living in the same location the opportunity to move on appeared. All the pros and cons were weighed up (Can you say chronic overthinker!) in the end the scales tipped towards all the pros and Thursday morning it was signed and official.

This weeks theme saw my sister, Saffy and myself down at the local hardware store getting the images I needed. Sapphire, as per usual does not enjoy having another person holding her leash, even someone she has known for half of her life! Regardless, I managed to get the image I was after. And by happy co-incidence her unsure face was exactly what I needed to make this image work. We have had our fair share of rain this winter so this week using the theme Street I decided that is what we were going to focus on. Rain , rain and more rain.....

So welcome to 12 Super Saffy Street.

Where it feels like its done nothing but rain solidly for 2 months. Where Dobermanns have to be pushed out the door to go for a pee (Who wants to go to the toilet when its raining though right??!)

This is a place where Teddy bears get left outside at their own peril and the human suffers withdrawal from not being able to pick up her camera in what feels like forever. One seriously unamused Super Sapphire looks towards the human wondering what the heck we're standing out in the rain for.

Over the coming weeks we will be surrounded by boxes - perhaps there will be a fort image in my future! Click here to see what Jessica Wasik with Bark & Gold Photography, celebrating the joy and love between Pittsburgh pets and their people has been up to!

*All images other than Sapphire are sourced off Pixabay and DeviantArt.

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