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Project 52 - Week 40:Orange

Well- the big Four OH. Week 40 has been and gone, this week we got to play around with Orange.

Ive spent the last 10 minutes staring at a blank screen watching the cursor flash in front of me. So many thoughts all of which are stuck firmly inside my noggin, all wanting to come out at the same time causing a traffic jam of sorts.

This week sees Saffy and I spend out first week in our new place, and far more time at the old house getting it ready to move on. Thanks to some decent elbow grease from a good friend, thanks Pauline! The finish line is now in sight.

Thankfully I have been able to take the week off work to help the little black and tan critter get herself acquainted with her new place. It has not been without its fair share of tribulations to be sure. The first two days was spent with Saffy skulking around, too scared to go in any of the rooms on her own. One tentative foot forward- and promptly four backwards. All was well in her world until I was out of her line of vision, then the panicking behavior started. Getting her used to being on her own has caused her no end of stress. Ever heard the mournful howl of a beastie that's pack has deserted her?..... I have.... and its not cool. (I'm sure the neighbours loved it to!) By Thursday- both Saffy and I were a little greyer and anxious. A few tips from people around me saw a well placed call to a vet clinic here, and a quick trip out with Saffy to obtain a few things to make her life easier. An Adaptil collar was promptly placed on her, and a couple of other things were done (Lavender and so on) Later that day I made another trip out, arrived home and spoke with a neighbour who said she had hardly made a peep. Phew! Long may that last! So after all that, I had no time to get out with my camera, so, the illustrious Lord Charles was again put to good use.

October as well all know is, well, to be frank- a gloriously creative month, so I decided to take advantage of that theme with the Fire Crypt Keeper.

The crypt is guarded by ghoulish fiends of all descriptions, ensuring those wayward beings contained are secure. Cross the pumpkin path and walk past the smiling assassin, you will surely encounter the most ferocious of all.

HellFire Charlie.

For this hound is afraid of no one and nothing. Fearless , relentless and persistent, no mortal stands a chance.

It was a welcome distraction creating this image this week!

Update-Day two of the Adaptil collar has seen a much much happier well balanced critter. She has been left alone at home several times now and coped quite well.

She no longer requires two sets of pj's on to keep warm, her new house is much warmer! Slowly but surely we are finding our feet!

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