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Project 52 - Week 42:Brick

This week the world was our oyster! The theme brick, is something that could be used in a multitude of different ways. I already had a few images of Saffy I had taken just before we left the old house. She had been outside at the time carrying around her Kong.

This is not unusual behaviour for her, the moment she hears me arrive home from work she is waiting at the front door for me with a toy of some description in her mouth. On this particular day her Kong was choice du jour. I've got to admit, it puts a smile on my dial seeing her happy like that.

The first two images were created using a pretty neat action I have. It took several hours to nut out how it works and to get the result I was after but It certainly did the job.

The third image is a composite image I have created from scratch. Because whilst its nice having an action to do it for you- Id prefer to know the HOW in the whole thing. The only thing I was lacking was the graffiti on the wall.

For those that don't know, an action is a pre programmed set of functions created in Photoshop. Its designed to be used with literally a click of a button (this takes out all the manual work of having to learn it and do it yourself)_ . This particular action is a BEAST of a thing, it has 40-50 odd layers and takes quite a chunk of time to complete. Once run, you then go back into each group and start working on customizing it to your liking.

I have to say - whilst I do like the actions- I think I might just slightly prefer the image I have created from scratch a little more!

And it wouldn't be my blog without a little update on Saffy! Shes happy as a clam in her new place now. She has chosen a favourite room she likes to spend her afternoons in laying in the sun. At the start of this week she started constructing herself a little nest in said room, 5 days later her nest now consists of blankets, a hoodie or two, the odd shoe, some laundry out of the washing basket a few of her teddy bears and sometimes her Kong. Its kinda cute. Anyways- that's it from us, click here to see what Jessica Wasik with Bark & Gold Photography, celebrating the joy and love between Pittsburgh pets and their people.

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