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Project 52 - Week 48:Emotion

Week 48 is fast bringing the year to a close. This is a really interesting theme, just exactly how DO you capture emotion? It's not really a tangible thing.... is it?......

Again this week my faithful friend Sapphire takes front and centre position here. I have SO many photos of her, if you were to look at them would you recognize the emotion in them as I do? Most definitely not would be my guess. Sure you see her and perhaps a bit of character, but as you have not the sounds, smells, associations and memories to attach to these images they would be somewhat muted..... And herein lies the challenge for ALL pet photographers- finding that emotional spot and capturing it, we all strive for it, and it is far far harder than you might think.

Ever heard that saying "Nobody sees the world as you do"? Totally true!

So rather than try and capture emotion in one image- (lets face it we all know I think Saffy is the bees knees) Let the stroll down memory lane commence. All of these are taken on an old digital camera, none are perfect, but guess what.... it doesn't matter! Because to me, they are memories of our time there is ALWAYS going to be emotion attached. And, for that reason often the most technically perfect photo is NOT the photo that a client loves.

So here we go Saffy's stroll down memory lane(the condensed version)......

Taken last weekend at the new(ish) house. Grumpy Face- annoyed that the neighbours dog exists...bold and not afraid to stand out- her to a T.

The next two taken as she was just starting to settle into her new surroundings. Looking at these makes me smile- this was her choosing her favourite room in the place....

Same room, taken at the same time but a different tone...... gives a more memory like "feel" to it?

Here are but a few images I managed to retain over the years

A picture really does tell a thousand words- but only to those that have had that chapter unlocked, the real power behind said picture is knowing and experiencing the emotive behind it. Time for me to move on, memory lane has and always will be a roller coaster. I'm off to spend some time with Saffy.

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